Kent Erdahl

Kent Erdahl


KentI’ve worked for Fox59 and called Indiana home since September 2009, and I can’t think of many more exciting places to have worked and called home for the past few years.

I was the first “Video Journalist” hired at Fox59. The title is a bit confusing but basically I am a reporter who also shoots and edits my own stories (I also get a lot of strange looks when I’m out in public standing in front of a camera with nobody standing behind it). The job is very demanding but it has allowed me the flexibility to cover events all over the country and pursue stories that require a bit more time than normal.

Many of the in-depth stories I have covered in recent years have centered on issues related to education or young people. Whether I’ve been covering the many education reforms at the statehouse, budget issues at Indiana schools, or concussions in youth and high school football, all of these topics are, and will continue to, shape future policy and discussions here in Indiana and across the country. I believe that accurate and detailed reporting on these changes is extremely important as these issue continue to move forward.

Coming from my previous station (KSFY-TV in Sioux Falls, SD) I covered a very big state and a wide range of stories from massive wildfires and blizzards to a statewide vote on abortion that had national implications. Despite my experience in the Rushmore State, it couldn’t compare to the opportunities I’ve had here.

Highlights include traveling to the Super Bowl in Miami to cover the Colts and the Final Four in Houston to report on Butler. I also traveled to Alabama to cover the devastating tornadoes of 2011, and report on the Hoosier aid and volunteers who helped repair many broken communities. In 2012 I went to New Orleans to cover hurricane Isaac and report on the status of the massive levee system put in place after Katrina.

I’ve also covered some major stories right here in Indiana. Of course the Super Bowl in Indy was a lot of fun. There have also been tragedies that are hard to cover yet show exactly why this is such a special place to live. Thought the state fair stage collapse and Henryville tornado were tragic events, it was an honor to cover the outpouring of support and compassion that came in the wake of those disasters.

On a personal level, this has also been an exciting few years and I’ve met many great people. In 2011 I got married to my best friend Erin. Since then we have spent time exploring the state in the car, on bikes and on foot. We love seeing the sites in different ways and meeting new people along the way.

In September of this year Erin and I accomplished a milestone by completing our first Olympic Triathlon. It was a great accomplishment but the athletic challenge wasn’t the only reason why we did it. We were inspired by a young girl named Ericka Martin, who I met through my reporting in the spring of 2012. Despite suffering from Leukemia herself, I interviewed Ericka because she worked hard to help raise money for research and aid others suffering from blood cancers. A few weeks after I told Ericka’s story her Leukemia came back and she died. In honor of her, we decided to train for the triathlon and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through it’s Team in Training program. We managed to raise several thousand dollars and we completed that race in honor of her.

There are many more examples of extraordinary Hoosiers who have inspired me during the past few years, and I know there will be many more. If you ever want to share a story please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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