Scott Jones

Scott Jones


Scott JonesScott Jones co-Anchors the Fox 59 Morning News. He comes to Fox 59 from KJRH in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before his stint in Tulsa, Scott worked 11 years at WANE-TV in Ft. Wayne, Ind. as a reporter and co-anchor.

“I have so many friends in Indiana, it’s just like coming home,” said Scott. “It’s tough to beat the Midwest, people are very friendly, honest and willing to help a stranger.”

He also worked in Roswell New Mexico.  Scott jokes, “That’s where the aliens crash landed in 1947, so I was naturally drawn there to find my real parents.”

Scott was born in Portland, Oregon. He grew up in Oregon and Washington. He attended Washington State University and graduated with a degree in Broadcasting.

“At first I was a math major, but my professor thought I’d be better at “Thermo-dynamics of the mouth”… better known as broadcasting.”

Scott has won three Emmy’s for Best Morning Newscast and two AP Awards for Best Newscast.

What Scott likes most about doing morning news is, “giving morning viewers a friendly, energetic face to wake up to,  and being done with my work day early.”

After that early ending work day, he sometimes plays golf, which he says he does poorly at. He said he get to spend LOTS of quality time amongst the trees, looking for my golf balls.  Scott also tries to stay in shape by lifting weights and participating in sports.

He also likes to build stuff at his home.  He’s just got finished building a 2 level deck on his house in Lawrence.

“It’s10 feet off the ground, so I’m hoping it doesn’t fall down.”

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