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Man Accused of Assisting Wife’s Suicide


Nick Ellis is accused of helping his wife, Jessica Ellis, commit suicide. Nick Ellis reportedly took some rope and tied a noose, telling Jessica she could “use it on herself if she wanted to.” In December 2012, Jessica Ellis was found by a man walking his dog at Darrough Chapel Park.

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A man charged with aiding his wife’s suicide says he never wanted her dead.  He said he tried to take back the noose he gave her when they were fighting but investigators are not buying it.

Nick Ellis made the noose his wife used to hang herself, but he said he never thought she would use it.

“I, in no way, assisted my wife with killing herself,” said Ellis.  “Now, I am sitting in jail because of this.”

Police said he helped his wife, Jessica, do just that.

“I have never seen anything like this and we have never charged anyone like this,” said Brian Seldon with the Kokomo Police Department.

“I had come to terms that my wife would one day kill herself,” said Ellis.  “I am a very empathetic person, when people talk to me and tell me how they feel, I feel that.”

Nick and Jessica Ellis had been married almost nine years.  Nick said his wife had severe mental issues. She had even tried to kill herself before.

“Some days she would be alright, other days she would not,” said Ellis.

The couple fought a lot.  During their final confrontation, Nick took some rope and tied a noose, telling Jessica she could “use it on herself if she wanted to.”

“It was in a fit of anger that I did what I did,” said Ellis.  “As soon as I came to my senses, I did everything I could to keep her from getting hold of it.”

Jessica Ellis was found hanging from the rafters of a shelter at Darrough Chapel Park by a man out walking his dog.  Nick said his wife chose to die there because the park held a sad significance.

“When she was a kid she witnessed a suicide there,” said Ellis. “That park was known as ‘Suicide Park.’”

Nick Ellis was in the process of leaving his wife. He was already seeing someone else. Now, he knows there is little hope for life getting back to normal.

“I have got a feeling that I am going to get stuck on this and the details are not going to matter too much,” said Ellis.  “I have got a feeling I will end up screwed on this.”

Nick Ellis faces two to eight years in prison if he is convicted.

A Kokomo man was arrested after police said he assisted in the December suicide of his wife, who was found deceased in a public park.

Nicholas Ellis was felony charged with causing suicide, assisting suicide and criminal recklessness.

On Dec. 10, officers with the Kokomo Police Department were dispatched to the Darrough Chapel Park, where they found Jessica Ellis hanging from one of the shed rafters in the park’s picnic pavilion.  According to the probable cause affidavit, authorities located a note, allegedly written by Jessica Ellis, which requested her husband and mother be called upon the discovery of her body.

Officers reported they were unable to make contact with Nick Ellis, but they were able to contact Jessica’s mother.  During an interview with police, Jessica’s mother told authorities her daughter was married to Nick, but they were going through a separation prior to her death.

Authorities later interviewed Jessica’s brother’s girlfriend, who told officers Jessica had attempted to take her live numerous times in the past.  The woman reported Jessica called her several times on Dec. 6 to talk about an argument she had with Nick.  According to court documents, Jessica told her brother’s girlfriend that Nick tied a rope into a noose and placed it in the back of a truck they owed. Nick then allegedly told his wife it was there if she wanted to use it.

During a sweep of the victim’s home, authorities located another note believed to have been written by Jessica.  In the note, Jessica wrote she loved her children and asked them to forgive her, stated court documents.

Detectives were later able to locate Nick Ellis, who admitted to recently giving his wife a noose, according to the PC.  Authorities said he reported he had been separated from his wife for a while and they had been arguing because he had a girlfriend.

An autopsy of Jessica’s body revealed there was no foul play.