Brizzi answers questions about why he won’t resign

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Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has his own Saturday afternoon two-hour long talk show on WIBC radio where he asks the questions. Tuesday morning, however, he was the one answering questions from WIBC’s Steve Simpson.

WIBC: “You said you didn’t understand the perception and you said, that was stupid on my part and I deserve it. Deserve what?”

Brizzi: “You know, I’ve taken some punches over the last couple weeks and I think those are the punches that I was referring to when I said I deserved it in terms of the perception of being in some outside business dealings.”

Outside business dealings like: partial ownership in a downtown bar, Harry & Izzy’s; a personal relationship with real estate broker John Bales that led to the renegotiation of the prosecutor’s office lease, and dealing like a failed deal to put narcotics detectives in a Bales brokered building; a real estate partnership with defense attorney Paul Page, who negotiated plea bargains for his clients including accused rapist Robert Odendahl and admitted steroids dealer Joseph Mobareki.

“What happened was, the defense attorney in this case wanted a certain type of a plea deal. We offered a different kind of plea deal and what happened in fact was a compromise was struck,” answered Brizzi.

A compromise that gave $10,000 of Mobareki’s alleged drug money to his attorney and Brizzi’s business partner, Paul Page, and let Mobareki walk away without talking to narcotics detectives about his clients.

Fox59 News also uncovered questionable activity surrounding the case of Paula Willoughby, where Brizzi took campaign donations from the millionaire father of a convicted killer at the same time negotiations were going on to reduce her prison sentence.

Last week, the head of the Marion County Republican Party and the Republican who wants Brizzi’s job, Mark Massa, called on Brizzi to resign.

“You know, it was a purely political stunt and here’s why: if I were to resign, then the person who would take my place is the Republican candidate for prosecutor and it certainly is better to run as an incumbent prosecutor than it is as a challenger with little or name recognition,” said Brizzi in response to Massa.

Editors of both the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis Business Journal have also called on Brizzi to resign. Wednesday, the man Brizzi accuses of a political stunt in calling for his resignation, prosecutor candidate Mark Massa is scheduled to appear on WIBC radio at 7:20 a.m.

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