Prosecutor: Suspects used acid to hide murder victim’s identity

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Lafayette, Ind.—

Three people accused of murdering a Lafayette man are now accused of using acid to prevent the identification of that man’s body, according to a probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday.

According to Tippecanoe County police, Antonio Williams, Darren Englert and Carolann Clear agreed to murder Jeremy Gibson in early July. Gibson was originally reported missing July 7, but officers suspected foul play.

Authorities said they found Gibson’s body around 8:30 p.m. that same night in a freshly dug grave in a field in northwest Tippecanoe County.

A neighbor said she heard Williams and Englert beating Gibson while Clear was in the room. The neighbor said Clear closed a door between the rooms and told her not to come out. The neighbor said she heard the suspects get into the car with the victim and when they came back, they told her Gibson had runaway.

According to the prosecutor, the three drove to County Road 500, placed a bag over Gibson’s head and hit him with weapons. Gibson’s clothing was removed and he was then buried in a shallow grave. The prosecutor said Williams and Englert returned to the grave and poured acid on Gibson’s body before re-burying him.

Police were able to obtain a search warrant based on the neighbor’s information. They said they searched the apartment that the four shared and found several items of clothing with dried blood on them. They also said they found dried blood throughout the apartment.

Williams told police that a fight broke out at the apartment prior to Gibson’s disappearance. He said he started beating Gibson. He also said at one point that he and Englert put Gibson in the shower after tying his arms and legs. Clear later said a belt was also placed around Gibson’s throat. After they took him out of the shower, Williams said they took Gibson out to the country in Clear’s car. Williams also said they stopped by a house and picked up tools before reaching the field. Those tools included a pick axe, a shovel, paint thinner, a can of gasoline and a hatchet.

Williams said Clear watched for traffic while he and Englert beat Gibson in the head with the shovel and the pick axe. Williams said at one point, Clear told them they were hitting like girls. He said clear was there as Gibson was murdered. Williams said he and Englert then buried Gibson.

The following day, Williams said he and Englert stole acid and bags of dirt and returned to the burial site. He said they poured acid over Gibson’s body and covered his body back up with dirt and cornstalks.

Clear later told detectives that Gibson begged them not to kill him on the way to the field. She also said she performed oral sex on Englert in the backseat of the car while taunting Gibson.

Clear had been dating Gibson at the time of his murder.

Antonio Williams, Darren Englert and Carolann Clear are all charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. All will attend a pre-trial hearing August 26.