Three-year-old girl recovering after State Fair stage collapse

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Fox59 is hearing more about the conditions of the victims who were seriously injured when the stage at the Indiana State Fair collapsed Saturday evening.

Some of the victims are recovering at Riley Hospital for Children, and one of them is 3-year-old Maggie Mullins.

Maggie may be small, but she is one of the biggest Sugarland fans you will ever meet.

The 3-year-old attended Saturday night’s concert with her mom, grandmother and two older sisters.

Maggie’s mom, Laura, was briefly knocked out by the falling stage.  Laura was unable to stand after regaining consciousness because of her badly broken leg.

Laura says she noticed Maggie bleeding profusely and knew she had to get her daughter help immediately.

One by one, people started rushing forward to help Maggie.  Nurses, paramedics, doctors and people with no medical training at all carried Maggie away from the wreckage.

“Her arm was very unstable, so we had to deal with that and keep pressure on,” said Dr. Rob Klinestiver, one of the people who assisted in Maggie’s rescue.  “We had to hand her to someone else who came along.”

Laura says with her broken leg, there was no way she could have gotten her daughter the help she needed before she lost too much blood.

She says what she witnessed was a show of pure heroism.

“If it was not for them, I don’t know if my daughter would have made it here,” said Laura.

Twenty-five victims are still hospitalized after Saturday night’s tragedy.