Martinsville School Board accepts coach’s resignation despite arrest, parent outcry

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The Martinsville School Board unanimously approved basketball coach Tim Wolf’s resignation at a meeting Thursday, just days after he was arrested.

Wolf told the school he first wanted to retire. Then Thursday, he asked to resigned.

“You left that man, you left him around our children. I can’t accept that,” said a concerned citizen at the school board meeting.

That woman and other people present urged the school board to do what they called the honorable thing and fire Wolf, a 25-year employee.

“We deserve better. Our children mean more to us than you and your three hundred wins,” said another woman.

“It was brought to our attention for the first time on May 11th of 2011. We immediately notified you as our school board and child protective services,” said Dr. Ron Furniss, Martinsville School’s Superintendent.

This week, school officials revealed they had learned about a rumored relationship between Wolf and a teenage girl last year. It was the same teen who was found inside his parked car on Sunday in an Indianapolis park.
The 65-year-old’s pants were unzipped.

Wolf is preliminarily charged with indecent exposure. The girl was not arrested but was taken to her car which was parked in a lot nearby.

The girl reportedly worked at a restaurant that Wolf owns. A school employee said the girl recently graduated and that the alleged inappropriate behavior between her and Wolf had been part of a yearlong conversation among teachers and coaches at the school.

Over the last year and a half the Morgan County Prosecutor said they had been looking into allegations made against Wolf, but there was never a formal investigation because they lacked evidence.

The prosecutor also revealed Thursday that he had asked the Indiana State Police to conduct an investigation into what has happened.

“May I suggest that conditions of immorality have been existent in our school system for some time,” said a worried Martinsville citizen.

In the end, the board decided to accept Wolf’s resignation saying it was quicker and cheaper for the community.

“The whole time we’re going through this process he is being paid and getting benefits from the school,” said Kenny Costin, a school board member, who argued for a resignation that would be effective immediately.

The state police investigation is expected to take several weeks if not longer to complete at which time the Morgan County Prosecutor will decide if any charges will be filed against Wolf.

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