Martinsville teachers accused of child seduction involving same girl

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Two men with ties to the Martinsville School Corporation were arrested Wednesday on child seduction charges.

Tim Wolf, a former high school teacher and basketball coach, and Jeff McGown, a second grade teacher and a high school tennis coach, were each charged with three counts of child seduction involving the same girl.

“That probable cause alleges between January 2011 and February 2012, both these individuals carried on an inappropriate relationship and had inappropriate sexual activity with a young lady who was 17 and a student at the time at Martinsville High School,” said Special Prosecutor Doug Cummins.

Cummins said both men turned themselves in Wednesday and have since bonded out.

The investigation began when Wolf was found in his car with the teenage girl at Eagle Creek Park.  Police said Wolf was partially naked with the girl. He was only charged with indecent exposure at the time.

The girl later told police about her relationships with the two men.

According to the probable cause, she first had a sexual relationship with McGown, her tennis coach, during the spring season of 2011. It included “touching and fondling of the genitalia that was sexual in nature, and that these incidents occurred on three or more occasions in various locations in Morgan County.”

She even handed over three letters to police written to her by McGown “regarding their relationship.”

The girl told police she then became involved with Wolf, though she was never involved with both men at the same time. She said their “first kiss… was August 2011 in Timothy Wolf’s office at the high school…” and that her relationship also involved touching and fondling.

The school district isn’t commenting on the charges yet, but the MSC Superintendent issued the following statement:

“We continue to be deeply disappointed that any of this has occurred. We have willingly and fully cooperated with our own internal investigation conducted by the law firm of Bose, McKinney and Evans, and that of the Indiana State Police. Upon the advice of legal counsel, we will wait until the legal process is completed before commenting further. In the meantime, we will continue to concentrate our efforts on educating our students and serving our community.”

“These are people that are in charge, custodians of our children, and this is the kind of example we want to set?” said Martinsville High School parent Adam Ruddell.

His son was interviewed by school attorneys about the case and he was upset it took so long for charges to be filed.

“I think that if that many kids knew what was going on, then the higher-ups at the school definitely should’ve known what was going on and acted upon it immediately,” said Ruddell.

McGown was placed on paid administrative leave in early April after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light.  He remains on paid administrative leave. Wolf’s retirement was approved by the school board shortly after he was arrested on that indecent exposure charge.

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