Police search for man linked to weekend shootings and arson

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Indianapolis Metropolitan police continued their search for 49-year-old Harold Bishop in connection with a shooting spree that stretched along 38th Street from west to east Friday night and Saturday morning.

The crime wave left three people wounded, one man dead and a house gutted by flames.

Bishop also goes by the names Zimbabwe Sancoffe and Balagoon Sankofa.

Investigators say Bishop’s spree began at 11 p.m. Friday when William Cullens was shot at 3905 Wind Drift Drive West on the westside.

Cullens said a man he knew by the name Zimbabwe approached, shouted, “Where’s my money?”, and shot him.

Saturday morning, at 6:45, flames were reported at a home at 3745 Forest Manor Avenue on the east side. As Shana Ford-Gogoua and her son Zackery Joseph emerged from the house, Richard Gogoua said a man approached his wife.

“He asked, ‘Is Richard at home?’…My wife said, ‘No, he’s not here,’ and then he just went ahead and started shooting,” Gouga told Fox59.

Shana was shot in the leg. Zackery in the stomach. They have been treated and released from the hospital.

An hour later, Khalfani Shabazz was found fatally wounded in the 3800 block of Winthrop Avenue.

Gogoua said he knew both Bishop and Shabazz from a botched roofing job Bishop did on his house in 2009.

“This guy who got shot….Shabazz or whatever…he called me and said he was angry,” Gogoua told Fox59.

Gogoua said Shabazz was upset because he claimed Bishop never paid him for work done on the Gogoua’s house. Gogoua said he paid Shabazz $1,000 even after he paid a $60,000 insurance settlement to Bishop for work on the roof and the restoration following water damage.

Gogoua said Bishop continued to hound him for three years over money for the roofing claim, even staking out his house at 4 a.m.

“He said, ‘Man, I did a good job on your house. You should at least give me something,'” Gogua said. “I said, ‘You know what, Zimbabwe…I think this is a game and now you’re trying to take some money and I think you got the wrong person.’

“He was caught by the police watching the house so the police said, ‘Do you know this person?’ ‘Yes, he’s the person who put the roof on this house.’

“He’s maybe in fear for his life because he kinda playing with some peoples’ lives, with some peoples’ money like that being dishonest with people so he’s trying to cover…find some money where he can to pay the people he owes.”

Sources close to the family tell Fox59 that the shootings of Gogoua’s wife and stepson were intended to send a message to Gogoua whom the assailant first asked for when the house on Forest Manor went up in flames.

“If I was at home…I don’t think I would be alive today,” said Gogoua.

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