Lauren Spierer’s mother asks for information about daughter in new message

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Her daughter has been missing since June 3, 2011, but Lauren Spierer’s mother Charlene posted an impassioned message on Facebook in hopes of getting someone to step forward with information about what happened to her daughter.

The message reads as follows:

I know someone has the information that could help us find Lauren. Maybe you feel it is too late to help Lauren and so why bother. What you might not be considering is the heartache your lack of action has caused our family and friends.

The not knowing is almost unbearable. When I asked someone recently, why they thought no one was coming forward they gave two reasons…one was people are afraid that by sharing what they know they might get into trouble. The other reason was fear of being exposed through the media. Truly, could those be the reasons you are hesitating?

If you know what happened the night of Lauren’s disappearance, or if you have any information, please get in touch with me, either through this Facebook page or through any of the other avenues we have provided. Even if it is just to start the conversation, even if it is just to say you have information.

If you have written an anonymous letter and feel you now have the courage to come forward, I beg you to do so. What we want more than anything is to show Lauren the respect she deserves by bringing her home.

Hasn’t she already paid for her mistakes with the ultimate sacrifice?

Please…anything small could be big.

For more on the case, go to the Find Lauren website or Facebook page. Anyone with information can also send an email to

Written correspondence can be sent to:

Find Lauren
PO Box 1226
Bloomington, IN 47402

You can also call Bloomington police at (812) 339-4477 or Beau Dietl & Associates at (800) 777-9366.