Displaced residents of south side explosion “weary” and “tired”

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Nearly one week after a deadly explosion in the Richmond Hill neighborhood, dozens of displaced residents are weary and tired.

Residents met with public safety officials Thursday evening, to get an update on the investigation into the deadly explosion in their neighborhood and to find out when they would be able to go home.

Pastor Rob Hock attended the meeting and told Fox59, residents are exhausted.

“I think everyone is just weary. Life has been upset. This is not normal life. And so I think they’re tired,” Hock explained. “My suspicion is folks aren’t sleeping well.”

Residents asked officials when they would be able to get into their homes and what the latest was with the investigation into the cause of the blast. Others wondered what they would do on Thanksgiving and if their relatives would be allowed entrance into the neighborhood during the holiday weekend.

Beyond all their concerns, Hock said folks are staying strong but are also ready for the return of some kind of normalcy.

“Even in the midst of that tiredness there’s not a lot of animosity and tension,” he said. “There really is a sense that, that we’re just tired.”

There will be a Recovery Center set up for residents at the South Port Presbyterian Church at 7525 S. McFarland from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Representatives with the Red Cross, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Department of Insurance, Indianapolis Division of Homeland Security, Marion County Public Health Department, and Animal Care and Control will be available to help displaced residents.

Meanwhile, detectives are reviewing an interview Monserrate Shirley did with reporters. She lived with her boyfriend and daughter in the house that is believed to be the source of the explosion. Police said it is routine for them to review an interview like this with the media.