Fieldfare Way crime scene to shrink next week

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The last time Kevin and Natasha Cole were inside their house at 8403 Fieldfare Way, they were fleeing for their lives as a neighbor’s house exploded in a fireball that left them homeless and in pajamas.

“The most incredible noise you’ve every heard in your life,” said Kevin. “Windows blew in. We’re getting hit with glass and debris. Ceilings came down. We’re getting hit with insulation.”

“I wasn’t thinking anything that big,” said Natasha. “I thought maybe a drunk driver drove into our house. That was my first thought.”

It was a natural gas explosion at the home of Moncy Shirley at 8349 Fieldfare Way, just two doors down. Next door, Jennifer and Dion Longworth died.

The Cole’s house is still part of a crime scene nearly one month after the blast.

“It’s so close to the Longworth house that they want to preserve that site, keep whatever evidence is there still in good quality,” said Kevin.

After a call from Fox59 News, Homeland Security Chief Gary Coons was able to meet the Coles outside their damaged house, which is missing most of a room and contains two scorched cars in the garage. The Coles told Coons they can’t begin demolishing their home and planning for a new one until the crime scene is reduced.

“We are looking to condense the crime scene down within the next week to basically free up their house,” said Coons. “We’ll go through it one more time to make sure we’ve checked off everything we need to check off and then move forward from there.”

Though a fence still separates them from their property, the Coles were pleased as Coons and arson investigator Mario Garza emerged from their house with a suit, dishes, files and Natasha’s purse relatively undamaged by the explosion and flames.

And the family cat, Pumpkin, is finally back in Natasha’s arms.The pet had lived in the Cole home and neighbor’s houses until it wandered out when it heard its owners’ voices last week.