Lawyers to ask for Bisard trial to be moved

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An Indianapolis police officer accused of killing a motorcyclist while driving drunk wants his trial moved.

Lawyers for David Bisard are due in court Thursday to ask for a change of venue. A judge will consider the motion during a hearing. A trial date is also expected to be set.

The high-profile case has been in the spotlight since Aug. 6, 2010, when Bisard’s police cruiser slammed into a pair of motorcycles stopped at a red light. Thirty-year-old Eric Wells died in the resulting crash; two others were hurt.

Bisard was arrested after tests showed his blood-alcohol content was above the legal limit. A judge later ruled the original sample taken from Bisard inadmissible on a technicality.  An appeals court reversed that decision, ruling that the blood evidence should be included.

Bisard’s lawyer has petitioned the Indiana Supreme Court to get that ruling overturned.