Now might be the time to buy a new furnace before new regulations take effect

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It’s the right time to decide if your home needs a new furnace. Indiana will soon have new regulations for new furnaces.

As of May 1, 2013, new furnaces in Indiana must be at least 90 percent efficient.  Experts say the more efficient furnaces also have PVC piping coming out of the top.

“The existing 80 percent furnaces vent with metal flu pipe that goes vertically out the roof.  The 90 percent vent with plastic PVC pipe,” said Chris Kaiser, General Manager of T.A. Kaiser Heating & Air. “It can either send venting vertically or you can take it horizontally, which is nice.”

What’s not so nice is that you can’t tie that PVC into an existing chimney or that old metal piping.  The gas just won’t exit your home properly. And that means the big expense is not just the new furnace, but running the piping!

“The furnace placement, if it’s in the center of a townhome, may be a challenge to get that flue out of the roof  or out the sidewall. So that’s going to be the biggest obstacle to get that flue pipe out the house,” said Kaiser.

So, should you buy a new furnace or not?  The first step is to have a professional check out your furnace.  In the long run, the monthly saving of a 90 percent efficient furnace will make up for the additional costs.  But what about for people who can`t afford to dish out an extra couple thousand of dollars up front?  Now might be time to replace an aging furnace, but with the less expensive 80 percent efficient furnace.  That’s right, you don’t have to buy a 90 percent furnace just yet!

“Absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with 80 percent efficient furnaces.  They work great, they’re just not quite as efficient as a 90 percent so for those people who have a tight budget, now is the time.  You have until May 1 of 2013 to put in a new 80 percent furnace,” said Kaiser.

So check out the new furnaces, because they vary widely in price, depending on how efficient you go.

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