IMPD says high-speed pursuit was necessary under current policy

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Three people were arrested and another seriously injured after a high-speed police chase ended in a crash on the city’s northwest side.

A year ago, IMPD said it was rewriting its policy on pursuits after crashes led to the deaths of three people. IMPD officers believe Tuesday’s pursuit was necessary, under their current policy.

It all began in the Private Reserve Townhomes near 79th and Harcourt when an off-duty officer saw an SUV driving out of control and almost hitting some kids. The officer tried to stop the SUV, but it sped off and that’s when she called for backup.

A little more than eight miles away is where the pursuit ended with the SUV crashing into another vehicle along Interstate 465 just south of 71st Street. The SUV suffered front end damage from plowing into the other small vehicle.

Two people inside had to be freed that card had to be freed. One of them was taken to the hospital suffering injuries.

The driver of the SUV and a passenger were arrested at the scene.  A third person who knew the women was also taken into custody for reportedly causing a commotion at the scene.

IMPD said the pursuit reached a speed of 95 miles an hour. The crash is a reminder of the dangers of police pursuits.

According to the IMPD vehicle pursuit policy, “The decision to engage in a pursuit must be considered a very serious matter. Officers must consider not only themselves, but the general public and occupants of the fleeing vehicle, as well.”

Last year, IMPD proposed a new set of rules that stated officers could only chase violent suspects who are an immediate threat, but it was never put into action.

Right now, police can pursue any driver who takes off, regardless of the violation.

The department’s vehicle pursuit policy also states, “The authority of a law enforcement officer to engage in pursuit is inherent in the officer’s duty to apprehend persons who have committed, or are committing a law violation.”

Police said it’s not clear why the suspect of the SUV took off. Residents told FOX59 they did not recognize the SUV involved in the pursuit.

There is no word if IMPD will change its pursuit policy.

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