Blood stained Bible returned to missionary’s family decades later

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A Vietnam veteran finds the family of his missionary friends and returns their blood stained Bible, decades later.

Hugh Catron has been on a mission that started 43 years ago when he met missionaries Ed and Ruth Thompson as a young soldier in Vietnam in 1967.

“Sunday, they come to preach,” said Catron.  “I knew all of them.”

Hugh and Ed Thompson would talk about God and the scriptures in between the fighting.

“Ed Thompson and I would argue about Bible prophesy all the time,” Hugh said.

But during the TET Offensive in 1968, the Thompsons and their team were massacred.

“They were all killed except for one,” Hugh said. “They were unarmed missionaries, pretty sad.”

Hugh found his friends locked in an embrace, their hands clutching a Bible.

“We couldn’t get them apart,” said Hugh.  “But, the Bible fell out and I’ve kept the Bible for 43 years.”

At that moment, Hugh’s mission started.

“My intent was to give the Bible back to the families,” Hugh said.

Hugh tried to find the Thompson family after the war.  Then life got in the way.  Years later as he was doing some spring cleaning, Hugh found the blood stained Bible.  So, with renewed hope he hit the internet.

Hugh sent an email to the Christian and Missionary Alliance who had ties to the Thompsons to tell them about the Bible. There were tears and days later, the precious gift arrived to a grateful family.

“Mission accomplished,” said Hugh.  “It only took 43 years, but mission accomplished.”

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