Laptops, tablets top holiday electronics wish lists

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If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, retailers say there’s almost a 50-percent chance you’ll buy something electronic.

Sales are booming, and now is the right time to buy despite the growing demand, according to retail expert Katie Lenendoll.

“I actually think that heading into holiday is a very smart time to buy because there are so many sales. Stores are actually pushing consumers to get in there and make those purchases,” Lenendoll told Fox59.

So, if you plan to buy and want some ideas, here is the “what’s hot” list.

First is a computer—33 percent of people surveyed say they want a laptop or a desktop. Tablets like the iPad were a close second, with 32 percent of respondents wanting one. Third is a flatscreen TV—26 percent of shoppers want one. Then it’s a smartphone, at 25 percent. Rounding out the list is a surprise at number five—a digital camera. According to Linendoll, 23 percent have that on their wish list.

“It is surprising because we’re all taking pictures with our phones nowadays. I didn’t think a lot of people were asking for digital cameras, however, it is number five on the top five most wanted list.”

And where can you get the best deals?

According to Linendoll, big box retailers will have the best deals, but don’t stop there.

She suggests using smart phone apps.

“Do use those phone apps and take advantage of how you can actually go into a store, and then scan a bar code and price compare. An awesome app for that is Red Laser. Another App is RetailMeNot,” she said. “You can find promo codes on there from hundreds of thousands of coupons from the largest coupon site in the U.S.”