Greenwood teen earns scouting’s highest honor after saving boy, 4, in fire

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A Greenwood teenager has achieved the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor, but he said he was just in the right place during a dangerous time.
“It was just the circumstance that I was in and I made the best of the situation,” said Ian Kenney.

Fire broke out inside a Greenwood home in the early morning hours of May 5.  Kenney heard the smoke detectors and right away knew there was trouble.

“As soon as I sat up, I was overcome with smoke and weakened,” said Kenney.

Kenney was able to get out of the house, and then he braved the smoke, went back inside and saved Rita Rice’s 4-year-old grandson.

“He is my hero,” said Rice.  “You cannot say enough about him.  I was blessed.”
“I do feel like a hero, but I feel like I am just like everyone else,” said Kenney.  “This really does not put me over anyone else.”

On December 17, 2012, Gov. Mitch Daniels presented Kenney with the honor medal with crossed palms.  It is an award given for exceptional cases of unusual heroism.  Kenney was also given the Eagle Scout award.

“I just do not think there is enough we can do to support scouting,” said Gov. Daniels.  “It produces young men like Ian, in huge numbers, and Central Indiana in general may be one of the strongest chapters in the country.”

“I am tremendously honored, and to have the Governor of Indiana is giving it to me, is an even greater honor,” said Kenney.

Kenney said he was just happy he had the life-saving training and he was able to put that training into motion.
As for the Greenwood house that burned that May morning, it has been torn down and is in the process of being rebuilt.


  • AHodges

    Very confusing article that ignores the 5 W's of journalism. Whose house was it? Where was Kenney when he heard the smoke detector? Did Kenney know the people prior to the fire? These are the kinds of questions a news story should answer. If you aren't going to make the effort to find out the details there's no point in telling the story.

  • Rita Rice

    A Hodges …..I will tell you…. who, what , where & why….I am the grandmother WHO lived in the house. Me & My Grandbabies are WHO Ian Kenney saved from the fire…And WHERE HE WAS He was asleep in the house when he heard the Smoke detector . Me and him and 4 of my grandbabies were asleep in the house at 2:00 am on May 5th.YES He DID he know the people YES he was a friend to the 17 year old Grandson WHO he was spending the night with.
    And WHY because GOD placed him there at the right time to Help save all of us He and My Grandson
    Now if you have any other ????'s just post them and I will be more then glad to tell you all about it…
    We need to be proud of a young Man like this WHO is not out there robbing , Killing, Shooting Up. But He is also the nices young men you would ever wont to meet.

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