Police detail what they found at home following south side explosion

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Police have released what they found at a home they searched following the South Side Disaster.

Police served a search warrant at the home of Bob Leonard last month. He’s the brother of Mark Leonard, whose girlfriend owns the home that exploded in Richmond Hill.

A report showed police took a variety of items out of the home including two guns and more than a dozen boxes of ammunition, as well as body armor and two bags of golf clubs.

Bob Leonard was taken in for questioning last month in connection with the explosion.

According to the police report, the search warrant was served the day before he was taken in.


  • B Morgan

    Two sets of Golf Clubs? Oh my God!!! What is this world coming to?
    I guess you just never know about people. I hear there are places where you can go hit golf balls around and try to put the ball in a little cup. They even have places that cater to little kids doing this. Unbelievable!!
    I have seen these places myself. There are people running around in little cars that carry these clubs for them providing easy and quick access. Most of these places have a range set aside where you can hit as many balls as you like and then a guy goes out and picks them up for you so you can do it all over again. some places even let you hit balls while the guy is out there picking them up!
    The places I have seen where this takes place have a club house, a restaurant and bar, and are sometimes surrounded by neigborhoods and roads. I have seen people doing this while drinking beer as well!!!! I think golf balls go like 200mph! We should ban golf clubs and make gun ranges where they once stood. That would be much safer!!!!!

  • Rita

    Ummmm….I think the golf clubs are considered evidence in that they were stashed on the trailer so that they wouldn't be destroyed in the explosion. You know, just the same as how the cat was boarded for the same purpose.

  • Word Of Blake

    >report should have mentioned that

    The report assumes a little intelligence and needs not explain every little detail.

  • Concernedforus

    > Assumes intelligence…


    The "article" listed the items 2 guns, 12 boxes of ammo, and armor like he was gunin' up for something then included the golf clubs like that was part of his kit. This is not a report but a caption with an irrelevent photo.
    Blake…..Don't be a douche to other people.

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