1,700 families in need, $200,000 shortfall for United Christmas Service

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United Christmas Service still seeks donations—and the organization says there’s still time to donate.

The group has 1,700 qualified families on its list for this year, but it faces a $200,000 shortfall. Local caseworkers referred about 7,100 families in need.

Christmas Service set a goal of $800,000 so families not matched to a donor group can receive a restricted voucher worth $30 for each household member. The voucher is good for food, clothing and toys.

Donations can be made online at the organization’s website. You can also mail donations to United Christmas Service, 3901 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208.


  • Jeana Crumpton

    I having been given help to your service for 15yrs,,,last year and this yrs I was given nothing ,,, I truly don’t understand ,,single mother with 3kids,,,,work and get all taken away don’t understand,,,thank you any way

    • Confused

      Your post is confusing. You state that you've been giving to UCS for 15yrs, but then say last year and this yr you was given nothing. Usually when you GIVE….you don't get.

  • Confused

    I'm sorry your post is confusing. Did you say you donated to UCS for 15yrs and now the past 2 years you've needed help but been denied. Or after 15yrs of receiving help from UCS the last 2 you was denied.

  • Jeana Crumpton

    I support them given money but I cant get nothing for last 2yrs,I have always work but now fell on hard times

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