Car cruising event to benefit 8-year-old with Cystic Fibrosis

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A benefit will soon be held to help an 8-year-old honorary member of the Indianapolis Fire Department.

INDY CARMADA will hold a New Year’s Day car cruising event to benefit Brandon Vinson. Police will escort vehicles on one lap around Interstate 465 as a part of the fundraiser.

Brandon was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis following his birth in 2004. Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that affects the lung and digestive tract. Without a lung transplant, Brandon must undergo several treatments a day and has been in and out of the hospital for much of his young life.

Brandon also comes from a large family of firefighters and was sworn in as an honorary firefighter earlier this year.

IFD and several police officers are planning to come out to show their support at the event and community members are invited to join. The event kicks off at 11:30 a.m. at the TGI Fridays on West 38th Street. All makes and models of cars are welcome to participate.

All collected donations will go to Brandon and his family.

More information about the event is available online.


  • Christi

    Is there something medical his family is needing? Are they keeping the donations or turning them over to the cystic fibrosis foundation?

  • Steve a Catlett

    My wife and I lost two of or sons to cystic fibrosis. We miss them everyday, this is a terrible disease. I hope this young man gets all the help he can possibly get, may god be with him and his family.

  • April

    This little boy is someone that can keep those with CF fighting me myself knows how hard this disease can be becasue i also have CF it is a hard and long battle. I hope he has a really great Holiday!

  • Daniel Hendry

    My name is Daniel Hendry, president of INDY CARMADA.
    ALL proceeds will be given to Brandon, and his parents. The money donated is going 100% to Brandon due to the increasing medical bills, as well as them trying to put money aside as they will have to move for 3 months to St. Louis for the transplant when it becomes available.

  • Daniel Hendry

    If you would like to register that you will be appearing… Please register here!

    If you plan on stopping by to do donation only, and not the lap, register as "Donation Drop Only"
    If you plan on participating in the lap with a sports car of sorts, you may sign up for the lap as well…
    Lunch tickets are always available if you plan on eating at TGI Fridays.

  • James Ragean

    It is such a tragedy for any child to suffer from such a devastating disease such as CF. I wish Brandon and his family the very best. Not taking anything away from Brandon but, why all the attention focused on him? Is it because his family works for the fire department? I am sure they have good insurance if they work for the city. I have been told there has been several fund raising events for Brandon bringing in thousands of dollars. Again I wish Brandon and his family the best and just thought it would be nice if all children with CF were treated this away. By the way I lost a son to CF 4 years ago.

    • Daniel Hendry


      We at Indy Carmada are very sorry for your loss. Brandon's case is no more important than any other case out there. The fact of the matter is, there are tons of different types of diseases out there… and tons of people with those diseases. Some more serious and life threatening than others. How Brandon was chosen by Indy Carmada to do this fund raiser was purely just because of a friend that knew him made a request to do an event for him.

      Fund raisers are started by generally a group of people that wish to help someone less fortunate than they are… People who feel the desire to give to a specific person, or a community in general. Indy Carmada is a car club, blessed with good looking rides, and they want to go on these cruises they do and collect money and give back to the community in the process.

      In regard to every fund-raiser we do… We do nothing more than hear about a case and push out to all of our friends/family and other resources to collect money for that person. This is something you can do personally, by created FB pages and spreading the word through your connections.

      We do take donation event requests at
      Here we will evaluate through the many requests we get, and try to help the community the best way we can.

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