Indiana gun sales up, as debate over gun control widens

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The gun range at Beech Grove Firearms just opened this month and gun owner Steve Bryant was quick to come try it out.

“We use (guns) for hunting. We use them for sports, and that’s what I’m doing here,” Bryant said.

Bryant is one of the many people pouring through the doors at Beech Grove, largely because of debates over gun control in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

“Considering the past days’ events … I don’t know what’s gonna happen to (certain guns). Pricing may go up and I just (want to) get one now,” Bryant said.

Owner Greg Burge said he set a sales record over the weekend. Burge even sold five shooting rifles in 20 minutes Monday.

“Sales have been brisk ever since the politicians started beating the drums,” Burge said.

Still, the debate is largely on a national level. Indiana House Speaker Republican Brian Bosma said the Republican-controlled state legislature is unlikely to change the state’s gun laws anytime soon.

“I’m sure there will be a broad number of opinions (and) discussion (this upcoming session). I don’t really forsee any specific action taken in the gun control arena,” Bosma said.

But Democratic legislator Ed DeLaney said he would bring up the issue of gun control, particularly when it comes to mental health and gun ownership.

“I don’t know what it takes for us to think that this is serious. I don’t know what it takes for us to say, you know, we really don’t need (certain) weapons for personal defense or hunting,” DeLaney said.

DeLaney introduced legislation against large magazines of ammunition in a past session but got little support. This session, he plans to focus on starting discussions, not passing laws.

“What can we do to protect people as well as to protect the right to bear arms? I think we ought to start with a clean sheet of paper,” DeLaney said.

At Beech Grove Firearms, though, Burge said he doesn’t think targeting the guns themselves is the right way.

“There is no simple answer or solution to (Newtown),” Burge said.

For Byrant, at least, it didn’t matter what Indiana will or won’t do. He decided to buy a rifle Monday, just in case.


  • Kevin

    Everybody has jumped on the gun control band wagon, but nobody wants to mention the 1 billion dollars cut from the school budgets last year by our president and congressman for school security put in place after the last school shooting. We learned a lot. Seems funny the news won’t even mention it, I wonder why.

  • AsciiAdam

    I just purchased a new 1911 45 today. I thought about buying an AR type weapon as well but then decided that I do not need it and would not be able to shoot it enough to spend the money on it. I think that teachers and anyone that is an adult that works at a school should be armed. It is my duty as a parent to protect my children and I expect the same when I hand them off in the morning to the teachers. If someone were to come in my house to hurt / kill my family I would react with deadly force, I expect the same from the adults at the school.

  • Dan

    I wonder if there is a reason psychos who wanna kill as many people as possible seem to choose gun free zones? Cant they read the signs? Why isnt the white house a gun free zone, doesnt a gun free zone make an area completely safe and gun free? Or, do crazy people know no one else there will have a gun to fire back, hmm, seems like common sense you idiot liberal morons

  • Dr D

    The problem is there is more than Just Gun control going on here. We have a President who even the Dems are begining to walk away from, and millions who only voted for him because of skin or Free stuff, while the GOP set idle. So No one trusts Obama, and then theres the Guns, theyve Misrepresented and lied about a lot of it, the Questions of Drones to Kill Americans, the Questioning of our Military as to if they will fire on Americans when orderd to do so, then theres recuring questions which for some reason keep comming up about where he was born, of course it dosnt help his case when the Kenyan Government states they will Build a Museum at Obamas Birth Place? And there Governmental and Intelligence Officals come out stating while they Laugh at us for electing a Kenyan as President, While our Congress sleeps. So is it any wonder there is no trust in washington or Mr Obama?

  • Dr D

    He has stated from the begining and as well through his Books of how he feels about America, and yet Americans re-elect him, for what? We have been betrayed one way or another by this man, so Yes people will keep Buying guns, and ammo. People really need to start looking and researching some of this stuff as to what is really going on, as there is a heck of alot more than just the issue of Guns. There is a sense of loosing our Country, and its well founded, and dont forget there is a Push to repeal the Presidential Term limits too.

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