Mayan Calendar end of world parties set in Indianapolis

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Some say the end of the world as we know it will be this Friday, Dec. 21, 2012.  They’ve made movies and books about it and YouTube has been blowing up over the Mayan Calendar Doomsday Prophesy.

Recent surveys also revealed 12 percent of Americans still actually believe in the Mayan Doomsday.

Others, not so much.  The RAM Restaurant and Brewery is throwing an end of the world party this Friday along with other bars in the Circle City.

“We figure why not go out with a bang,” said RAM server Alicia Mendoza.

Nico Sanchez is a doomsday prepper.  He says bring on the Mayan Armageddon or any other end of the world scenario, he’s ready.

“People getting ready for December 21 this year should be prepared for any possible scenarios, whether it be the end of days, civil unrest, nuclear attack,” Sanchez said.

Some travel agencies said they are booking big trips to Mayan ruins and others said they expect churches to be full this week as a lot of people head to confession and say a lot more prayers than usual.

NASA scientists have even weighed in on the issue. Yes, NASA really made a YouTube video about the end of the world according the Mayan Calendar.  NASA said thousands of people emailed the space agency wanting to know if the world was going to end Friday.

“We’ll that’s simply not true,” said Dr. David Morrison, who is an astrophysicist.  “Talk to the scholars that actually talked to the ancient Mayans or talk to the three million Mayans that are still living in Central America.  They’ll tell you that is not a correct prediction.”

Either way the RAM said its party starts Friday at 7 p.m. if we all make it that long. They’ve been brewing specialty beers for nine months.

“It’s all for the end of the world which we’re calling RAMogedden,” said RAM Brewmaster Chris Knott.  “The first batch was tapped in late April and the last batch will be tapped this Friday.”

So just in case you’re still wondering what to do, you just might want to make sure you pick up that fruitcake for grandma for Christmas.


  • scambuster1

    The end of the world? Nah. Try buying a ticket then on Ticketmaster for the Hard Rock in Orlando scam concert then. MPIX is a pink sheet scam that has sold hundreds of millions of shares through the past months on this nonsense and the management of MPIX has been doing this scam for 9 years now. They even got this pink sheet hustler who had some modest fame in the past named Gerson to create this so called concert and no promotion until a few days before this scam concert. This is the end of your bank account and so many scamsters are in on it to take your hard earned money. Better hang out in an Indy bar and watch a ball game on December 21.

  • Paul Manoppo

    The Mayan never predicted this is the doomsday. They just stop it because it just to far ahead of their time. They just not stop at any day but its at the winter solstice. It is the person that think they understand the Mayan calendar and try to translated was apparently did not know enough about the Mayan alphabetic.

    • Blake

      I hear that! The Mayans never thought the world would end, just stopped the calendar. Translators….. Sigh. If the world did indeed end, I would get to see the big guy upstairs. I hope one person reads this and goes to church this Christmas. God loves all of you, even if you think you are hard done by.

  • sandhya

    Javier u r absolutely right.. Nobody can predict the end of the world.. Its Our God Almighty who decides.. If He wants to give some more time to mankind to humble down before Thee and repent their sins No mayan calander can STOP that

  • child of god

    Jesus is real if u can believe in a mayan…then read the bible…MY GOD IS REAL…and he said NO ONE will know wen…amen

  • Lisa Carlton

    According to the bible, no one but God knows when the end of the world will take place. Or the return of Jesus, as a thief in the night. Or the Rapture. The point is, tomorrow is promised to no one, so in any case, be ready, accept Jesus as your savior. He died on the cross for your sins.

  • Blake

    I love all the Jesus love here 🙂
    Jesus wants to know everyone, but we must all choose to follow his great example. Be the person God meant you to be, and have faith in his unconditional love. No end of the world can shake the foundation of salvation in the one true Christ.

  • My Minerals

    hmm first of All this theory of Mayan is just have no sense , the scenario of the situations which are going worst and Worst Day by bay in Asia and Arabic Counteries , I checked in Bible about a prophecy of the Arabs war and then the Person who is from Arab and that the Person will be true , we have a group of 15 persons with the knowledge of Bible and Quran , we got some thin that the end of the world will not happen so earlier before the Antichrist, Jesus Return , and the Caliphate , These are things mentioned in all the scriptures , but some have details and some dont have full details.
    any how i saw in the Holy Saying of Prophet Of Islam that when a war start in the areas of Afghanistan , Iraq , Syria , Egypt ,Yemen so this will be a great sign for the Antichrist Arrival also the sea of Galilee water level that it will dry , these are little big sign but there are alot .. if some one need ref i will send contact me

    Afghanistan is the Place that the whole world is unite against the Pashtun Nation called Taliban , this war will be win by The Peoples of AFgahnsitan . Hence it little look different if you think that Super Power USA , British , France , Germany and alot of other powerfull countries abt 48 countries are fighting with them no result till not found.
    this is the war which turn the shape of the world and no one even thin that those who dont have food , Money , Power will resist like this. in this war its prophesized that this war will be win by Black Banner Peoples which is also Called Taliban so in this army two peoples will come before the Caliphate , one is "Harith bin Hirath " and other is "Mansoor" which will clear the way for that califphate . thats really interestin to Hear if you see the meaning of Osama bin ladin name is same as harith bin hirath both have same meaninng "the lion who father is growing corp" and mansoor meaning same is alzawahri means "the victoriouse" ,, which these two come there will be near a war of Afghanistan and in this war Caliphate of islam will come and then Jesus will also arrive to there army and will join them but peoples will ignore coz of different faiths ..
    so if you need some ref i will send check these ref in old books in your libraries i hope you all will found ,,
    try to know the reality.

  • Deb72

    For all those who believe the world will end December 21,2012. Please bring all ur valuables to my house on the 20th. Lol. No seriously. My Bible says that not even Jesus knows the day or time of His return. So ppl please dont be easily decieved. Just as john the baptist preached in his time. REPENT FOR THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR. The world will end yes thats for sure. BUT NOT UNTIL GOD SAYS SO.. 🙂

  • S.Mushi

    Now its another shock like in 1984 and Y2K which peolpe were told to prepare themselves because the end of wolrd is around the corner things which didn’t happen.Now 21.12.2012-Friday it will be the end of the world.Let us wait and see.

    • tony

      well im going to get stocked up and ready for it yup gonna get 3 30 packs of beer and an extra pack of smokes so if it happins i aint gotta be sober atleast afew days

  • no name

    what kind of joke they made?only allah knows when is the end of the world..Nobody have any specialities to predict..

  • Sanchit

    It seems difficult to believe that world will end as there are no signs of it. For any changes to take place on earth it takes approximately millions of years to make a difference..

  • Addison

    The prediction came from some acid tripping idiot who died of a terminal illness years after. He believed it would end November 2012 and changed it to December when it was pointed out that the Mayan calendar comes to an end on December 21 2012.

    The translation of their calendar is not 100% accurate since language is always developing and the meaning of words are always changing. I laugh when people try to say “Well Nostradamus predicted it too.” Well my friends, his predictions are as vague as a Chinese fortune cookie. Not once has someone read his booked and was able to prevent something from happening. We take events that have already happened and try to link it to one of his predictions. That also goes back to trying to translate old world French. It’s not 100% accurate! Stop spreading the anxiety and enjoy your Holidays.

  • Ashly

    So if you want to know if the world is going to end? Go to and in the search engine type 12/21/12:Just Another Day. It says a new planet four times the size of earth named Niburu is coming towards Earth BUT it won't end the world BUT it will cause all kinds of disasters.people might die. The world isn't supposed to end for millions of years.

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