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Police: 1 dead, 1 injured after man drives onto sidewalk

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One person is dead, another recovering from his injuries after police said a man rushing to the airport struck them.

It happened in Fountain Square around 8:30 p.m, Tuesday.

Police said 20-year-old Joseph Anthony Scott Crandall was driving a red van when he turned onto South Prospect St from Shelby Street. He told investigators, he somehow jumped the curb on the left hand side and drove onto the sidewalk.

Police said that’s when he struck two pedestrians walking on that sidewalk.

One died on the scene, while the other, 35-year-old Aaron Schaler, was taken to Wishard Hospital in stable condition.

Crandall told police he had just eight minutes to get to the airport.

“There’s no way you’re gonna make it to the airport in eight minutes from this location… just know that you’re gonna be late and uh, deal with it that way,” said IMPD Officer Kendale Adams. “Certainly when we’re rushing and trying to get to another location and we have this type of result, it’s just tragic.”

Investigators don’t believe drug or alcohol played a factor a in the crash, but they took a blood draw from Crandall just to be sure.


  • Dee

    I saw the aftermath of this. I was working at the Red Lion Grog House. Its sad that it happened and to see what I saw was very surreal. Guess some people have no idea how to drive and to think they thought they could ever make it from the east side to the airport in eight mins is nuts!!

    • Anonymous

      Don't believe everything you hear or read just after an accident. You don't know the driver or his actual intentions. He was probably in shock after the accident…not the best time to start questioning him about what he was doing just before. He is in my prayers.

      • jwmellott

        Actually, it's the best time. He would never tell the truth like that after talking to a lawyer, or any intelligent person.

  • indy

    he won`t be driving for awhile thank goodness. he killed one young man and injured another. does not matter why he was rushing he still killed someone. people now days think they own the road and act like they don`t care. well he will care now. he should serve time and he will get sued by the family of the young man he killed.

  • Marilyn Barker

    I cannot believe the driver has not had charges pressed against him! This should be reckless homicide or something similar. This young man took a wonderful person away from so many people just because he was reckless!!! I hope to see charges within the next day or two.

  • Rebecca Rice

    Charges should be filed against the young man. Being in a hurry impairs your judgement as much as being drunk.

  • Clayton

    No being stupid impairs your judgement, so does having absolutely no regard for the welfare or safety of others or the laws in place to protect them. Every once in a while I am running late and am in a hurry. Do I exceed the speed limit? No. Do I run people off the road or run into them when they are on the side of the road? No. This is clear cut criminal recklessness on top of manslaughter.

    • unowutopinionsrlike

      Exactly. And doesn't it crack you up when, after flying by you, they end up right in front of you at the next light or stop sign. Gotcha' there much quicker, didn't it buddy? Lucky you didn't kill somebody on the way! A-holes! I tell my sons all the time it's just not worth the risk or consequences.

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