Police: Student threatens to “break the record” while talking about Connecticut shooting

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Bloomington Police are investigating after a student reportedly threatened to “break the record” while talking about the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Officials were called to Bloomington High School South around 3:50 p.m. Monday.

A student told administrators another student had indicated he had a gun in his locker and planned to shoot up the school on Friday, Dec. 21., according to a release from the Bloomington Police Department.  No weapon was found in either of the student’s lockers or his backpack.

The student said he was “excited” when he first heard about the shooting in Connecticut and said that the killer must have “snapped” police said. He told the officer that he liked guns and felt “powerful” when he had a gun in his hand.

The student did have access to guns, but his parents said the ammunition for those weapons was secured in a safe. Police seized two rifles, two shotguns and two handguns along with ammunition from the student’s home.

Because the student is a juvenile, no other information has been released.

The case remains under investigation.


  • Joey Pemberton

    The people in today’s world are unbelievable. To even say something like how “excited” a massacre of 20 innocent 6-7 year olds made you just sickens me.

    • VJP

      So true Joey, Its really creepy now days. Just the other day I was driving over a high bridge with a car on my bumper when I got off then onto another freeway they tried to run me off the road. Isnt that crazy? Just because I wasnt going fast enough for them, I was going about 50mph.

  • Carolyn

    they oughtta' prosecute the little sucker and put him in juvenile hall for the rest of his High School career. MINIMUM. What THE HELL, is wrong with people? Seriously

  • Rick

    Carolyn prosecute him for what ? Instead they need to find out what is wrong with his mind.and treat it. Secondly what right do the Jackboots have to confiscating his parents guns? They will pry mine from my cold dead fingers.

    Molon Labe

      • eric

        Thats a good point! They should also make it illegal to get guns except through a dealer. Oh wait, it is. They should make drugs illegal as well. Oh wait, they are. Laws only apply to law abiding citizens. If you want to engage in criminal activity, you will, no law will stop you.

      • Nick

        Jack the ripper didn’t use a gun, tim mcviegh didn’t use a gun, what makes you so sure that gun banning works? Evil finds ways to incite evil. And they will do evil things.

      • marc

        Maybe if someone would have got the him mental help it wouldn't happen. Remember he tried to buy a gun on his own and was denied so then he stole his mom's and killed her.

    • Tony

      The "jackboots" had the right you fucking tard. In Conn, did that student use his own guns, or his mom's? It's not about Big Brother, it's about protecting kids.

    • Joe

      If the cops DON'T confiscate their weapons and somehow the child gains control of them and carries out his promise, then you'll say "Why didn't the cops take the weapons, knowing that the kid made those threats?". The cops would get sued, probably lose their jobs and you'd have another Newtown in the news. Use your head for more than just a hat rack .

  • Mrs.G

    I feel the teenager should get punished for it. That was children he was talking about hurting this is a serious matter. I have kids and i love all my children.

  • faceguy

    Why don't people see that this is all being publicized to give the government leverage to take our guns? In some middle-eastern countries, teachers carry assault rifles. Imagine how much less often incidents like this would occur if that were the case here. Just some food for thought. If a kid throws a rock through a window, do the parents spank the rock? When a drunk driver runs over someone, do people clamor to have cars outlawed? Think about it.

    • Nextie

      First of all with a vehicle you need to practice using using it for 9 months to a year first taking a course and earning a liscence, don't you see something wrong with it being harder to get a vehicle than a gun?

      Second of all if anyone got anything figured out on violence it's the middle east right? lol you're pathetic.

      Third don't compare guns and death to rocks and windows it just shows you're stretching for an argument you know you can't win.

      • Bob

        Nextie… Your an idiot… Lets think about this for a second. If the principal (vice not sure which) had a handgun locked in her office we wouldn't be having this discussion. People who break the law and get guns illegally will still do it regardless of whether you and I have a gun or not, BUT if they know that everyone has a gun I don't think they will be as likely to commit such a horrible crime. I hope for your sake no one ever commits a crime in your presents as clearly you are one of those poeple that will sit back and hope someone else helps… Personally I prefer to know that I can protect myself and my family… Good luck in life as it seems to be going down hill quick. I worry about how my daughters future will be with people like you!

      • Ellis Bell

        Your whole statement is void after writing "your an idiot." Before you declare the intelligence of others you must learn English. Until then, YOU'RE the idiot here.

  • brandy

    can’t believe people these days. and why did they take the guns? seriously? he threatened and talked about killing many perhaps hundreds of innocent lives by making them not as easily accessible to this disturbed child. i can promise if you’re child went to that school you would hope they disarmed him as well! these children need to learn this is not a game this is innocent lives being taken. it makes me cry every time I hear stories like this.

    • marc

      Wouldn't it be better to lock up the kid? Do you think what is said was crazy? Shouldn't they do something about that? If they really feel he is a threat what does taking a few guns out the house do, I am sure he can find one some where else. If you don't think kids can buy one on the street you are very naive.

  • Kimberly R. Best

    1) All I heard is that the laws don’t/aren’t working and that has to change – NOT to overturn the Constitution or take your guns away.
    2) No they do not “clamor to have cars outlawed” They prosecute the idiot for vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Think about that. The kid has a mental issue that needs to be addressed. – why remove the parents drugs???? Probably to insure that until the parents and child get to a proper care giver that that is 1 less possibility that can be ruled out.
    3) I believe you should be able to carry, being permitted – to defend yourself.
    4) how dare you compare The United States of America to middle-eastern countries at all? Cause that time I checked they all are still in civil wars/wars with themselves and everyone one else.

    People that think like you, should be the ones that need help with mental issues.
    My thoughts and prayers go to you, your family, your community, and your school system.

  • Kay

    Umm he broke the law people that is reason they took the guns. It’s called making terrorist threats. You threaten to kill people you lose the right to be near a firearm just that simple.

  • anonymous

    These are definatly the signs. of the end times the devial Is on a rampage. Seeking who he may davale get right with Christ and do it now!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeeDee75

    To get a handle on this violence its going to take some drastic measures. I don't like the idea of banning SOME weapons, but that needs to be one of the measures taken. Why? Because our society doesnt seem to be able to handle having that privilege. Yes, it's kind of punishing those of us that are responsible, but I'll take that "punishment" if it will make a difference. And apparently, mental health needs to be a requirement and a priority. Just look at some of these posts….

    • mrs burgess

      I agree with u that some people should not have guns but I as a hunter should not have to worrie about my guns being taken from me because of dam ass kids and others stupided

      • LibertyOrDeath

        "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin

        Your thought process is LITERALLY everything that is wrong with America.

  • Lisa

    God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
    This is such a powerful prayer. There is so much in this world that we can’t change. Too many people forget this part “the wisdom to know the difference”. Just because some people are in a position to make a change does not make it the right thing to do. I like everyone else…I’m heartbroken about the shooting and the loss of lives at the hands of someone who was very sick. We all want to lay blame somewhere. Some say its guns, some say where was God…I think the real problem is how we deal with mental illness. It’s the real killer in my opinion!!! Banning guns would be like banning cars because of drunk drivers, or air planes because of hijackers. I pray for everyone worldwide who are hurting because of mental illness and the devastation it can cause. I ask that God lay his hand of comfort and peace on each and every one of us…This is a prayer for EVERYONE because we all are touched by mental illness in one way or another…Amen

  • Lisa

    Yes, I believe in the right to bear arms, but RESPONSIBLY. If you can't teach your child right from wrong, and he goes blabbering about shooting innocent children, you ABSOLUTELY have lost your right to bear arms. Your child is YOUR responsibility. Whether they are mentally ill or not, they are YOURS to protect and YOURS to protect other people from. If my kids posed a threat like this, we would absolutely remove every gun from our premises. It's called being a good parent. If your child needs help, get it. I for one do not want to live my entire life knowing my child shot 27 innocent people because I didn't protect them from my child.

    • Marc

      So when your child learns to drive and is in the Wal-Mart parking lot and says "I hate these people, I'm going to run them over" will you call the police to take your cars from you? How is it any different? I strongly feel the kid needs help and needs to be put away for a bit but they said nothing about that just about the guns. If this is really his plan he will find another gun.



      • just a girl

        Ya Marc um he was making threats to place officers okay he wanted to do this he had a list and guns but now he can't since he is being held. So what he is doing is having his friend go through with it. and you are pretty much saying that that kid should NOT have stood up and told the principle. Well he should he did the right thing he saved many lives i am so thankful.

  • Just a girl

    This is crazy I go to this school it is where I spend most of my day but to know there is such crazy people around me makes me feel so unsafe I’m scared honestly…



      • just a girl

        R u coming on friday?
        He must be crazy he said things to the police officer about liking guns and saying he was excited for children to die and not have a christmas.
        He needs a punishment…
        Idk what
        but he does if i was a parent i would not take this behavior.



  • Eric

    20 years ago parents started putting their kids in "time out". They wanted to talk and explain things and be their childs friend. Today we have some (not all) of the most disrespectful children society has ever seen. They were not raised to respect their parents. If a child isn't raised to respect their parents, who will they have respect for? No one, not even themselves! Taking away guns is like taking away forks and spoons to fix obesity and coronary disease. I remember when groups of mothers were concerned about the violence in video games desensitizing kids. People thought they were silly to worry, it was after all just a game. Is it? Way back we would spank our children when they acted up, now we just medicate them. Maybe all that medication is catching up? I've been worrying for years about how society is. Its time for people to start addressing the problems and quite placing blame on everything but the people who are commiting these atrocious acts. Thats my 2 cents.

  • Kelly Fallon

    Thank Goodness our youth is getting the gumption to report these things! Somebody spoke up and that is a noble thing! We can debate and criticize but let’s be greatful to the ones who weren’t afraid to do something about the red flags!Who knows how far it would have gone if it weren’t for them!

  • nice gurl

    this is crazy i have a daughter that goes to that school and i kept her home i think they should put metal detectors in so these kids are safe


    i go to school with him he sits right next to me in math class. in to hear that he had a hit list scares me. i think they should do everything to keep us safe. in he's stupid for saying this after soooo many CHILDREN lost their life its CRAZYYYY!!!!!! GOD HELP HIM

    • Just a girl

      i know right i did not know he had a hit list that is REALLY SCARY but i know that i am not coming to school on friday i just don't feel safe enough too. Because, I have heard that he has a friend that was going to do it since he can't. He posted it on Facebook!!!!! i also hope he is not coming back after the break. I would be SO SCARED. Oh and i have seen him in the hallways he seemed nice but you know people rant always what they seem.


        YEP I HEARD THT ALSO!!!! IM GOING TO SCHOOL FRIDAY BUT I WILL BE SCARED……N I THINK THTS SAD WHEN IM SCARED AT SCHOOL ITS SCHOOL I SHOULD FEEL PROTECTED….. BUT anyway the kid is nice welllll he quiet i don't no i just hope everyone is fine on friday in ppl will learn that you shouldn't even be joking ABOUT THIS BECUZ ITS NOTHIN TO BE JOKING ABOUT!!!!

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