School safety debate turns to arming of administrators

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As schools like Greenfield-Central High School consider changes to their lockdown and safety procedures, the nationwide debate over school safety has turned to arming administrators.

Greenfield-Central practiced their “Code Red” lockdown drill Tuesday. The drill was scheduled before the Newtown, Conn., shooting, but now administrators plan to take notes and meet about possible changes. In particular, Greenfield may consider a partial evacuation in their procedure.

“Obviously, that’s something we’re going to look at and see if that’s something we need to adjust,” said Dan Jack, Assistant Principal and school safety specialist.

In other states, considerations are being made to allow administrators in schools to carry guns. Here in Indiana, that idea has been floated behind-the-scenes but not formally proposed.

“I think it’s a scary thing to get to that place where we have to arm ourselves,” Jack said.

Jack said the district will focus on the changes it can make under state law. In Indiana, only police officers can carry a gun on school property. Top lawmakers said that right now, there are no drafts of legislation that would change the law.


  • J.C. Knaepple

    I believe there should be 3-4 Armed (Retired) Military Vets at each school daily. They've already been trained and most have children or grandchildren and would not want to see anything happen to the kids. I believe many of these men and women would like to work (even part~time) to ensure the children's safety.

  • Steve Bumgardner

    I'll volunteer to stand guard duty at my grandson's school. I have the training, the weapons, and the skill. I took an oath to defend our Nation and have never failed to uphold that oath. Nothing about that has changed. Nothing will while I draw breath. Payment will not be required.

    I also believe that the teachers should be trained and armed. It is the obligation of all citizens to participate in the common defense. The police can not be everywhere.

  • Tammy

    It is getting that bad, and we should have protection in public schools, private schools, all schools. It should be as hard to get into a school armed, as it is to get out of a correction facility.

  • keith kimmerling

    I have a daughter thats in preschool in pendleton indiana. I have a permit to carry a weapon and would gladly go through any atep needed if asked to stand guard at a school. Our kids nation wide need to feel safe while attending school. And yes i would give
    My life to make sure that was possible

  • ?

    i do not think they should be armed because the children could pissed them off n they could get real angry n black out n kill the kids u nevrr kno yea ther should be more cops at skool

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