8-year-old stabbed, 66-year-old charged with attempted murder

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NEWTON COUNTY, Ind. — Police in Kentland, Ind. are investigating the stabbing of an 8-year-old boy.

Officers responded to the 200 block of North Sixth Street around 4 a.m. Tuesday where a juvenile was reportedly stabbed multiple times.

When they arrived, officers encountered 66-year-old Thomas Esmond. According to a press release, Esmond told officers to shoot him and then proceeded to attack officers. Police eventually subdued Esmond with a taser.

Medics transported Esmond to Jasper County Hospital where he received treatment and was released into the custody of the Kentland Police.

The unidentified 8-year-old boy was taken to Iroquois Memorial Hospital for treatment to multiple stab wounds. He was in stable condition when taken to the hospital.

Esmond faces preliminary charges of attempted murder and resisting law enforcement. He is being held without bond in the Newton County Jail.

The relation between the 8-year-old boy and Esmond is not known.


  • M Adams

    Thinking they should of honored his request and shot the asshole. Now we’ll get to pay to have him in jail and whatever prison or mental Ward they put him in. Hope the little boy recovers fully.

  • lisa

    my fiends 2 year old was killed by his step mother all they gave her was 15 years in jail te overnment needs to start stoning these people in the streets insted of leting them get by with killing or hurting our children

  • anonymous

    I believe they should hang him in front of the court house for public display…like they used to do in the old day’s…maybe people would think twice about their actions then!!!
    Praying for a full recovery for the boy !

  • just me

    Easy to comment not knowing the circumstances. In no situation would this be ok; however, this man could be mentally ill and experiencing an episode. Leave the judging to God!

    • sparkyavonlady

      I agree with this, but let me say. Having several mental illnesses myself (one very severe), its no excuse, if he was THAT messed up he'd already be locked down somewhere.

  • james

    People like that need to be taken out back and shot it beat to death cause we pay for him to goto jail where the inmates will proly kill him good use of my tax dollar (not) a bullet cost a lot less then putting him in jail it just free room and bord for him smh

  • guest with opinion

    I would much rather pay for the bullet to shoot this monster, than pay for his jail time and therapy. Just my opinion, but is truly how I feel.

  • sparkyavonlady

    Couldn't agree more. Having Schizophrenia or any mental illness doesn't give a person the right to do this.

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