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Family outraged, claims toddler came home with condom in his mouth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A family is outraged after they say their toddler came home from a child care ministry with a condom in his mouth.

Marcel Galbreath is under two years old and has attended God’s Little Angels Academy for several weeks.  When he came home Tuesday afternoon, Maggie Lewis noticed it.

“I sat him right there close to my door and (waved) to them and everything. I was looking at him and he was just (slobbering) and I looked in his mouth and pulled out a condom,” Lewis said.

Lewis is a friend of the family. The owner of God’s Little Angels Academy dropped Galbreath at Lewis’ home at the mother’s request. Lewis wants to know where the condom came from.

“I think this has gone on a little bit too far, when a baby comes in with a condom in his mouth,” Lewis said.

Galbreath’s aunt, Latonya, took a picture of the object before detectives took it away.  The baby’s family believes it was inside one of the vans.

“There’s no reason why (there) should be a condom no where around children,” Latonya Galbreath said.

God’s Little Angels Academy owner Alisha Trice spoke with Fox59 on the phone Wednesday.

“I am a mom and grandmother. It’s a game. The devil is alive and it did not come from here,” she said.

Galbreath disagreed.

“He didn’t get to touch this carpet, right here. He stood right there by the door, as we were undressing him. There’s no possibility he could’ve (gotten) that from here at all,” Latonya Galbreath said.

Trice said it did not come from them either. She said there wasn’t anything inside Galbreath’s mouth when she dropped him off.

“I think it came from the home and that the baby could have picked it up from inside the home and no one saw because it happened so fast,” Trice said.

Galbreath was taken to the hospital. Latonya Galbreath said he was okay though the family does not plan to send him back to the child care facility.

“I just don’t like that. I’d rather take care of him myself and I know what he’s doing,” Lewis said.

No one has been charged. The Family and Social Services Administration opened an investigation on Wednesday. God’s Little Angels Academy is a registered ministry. By law, the academy is not required to get a permit. It is required to abide by minimal fire safety and sanitation standards. The FSSA said it was inspected in Nov.

If a parents has concerns about a child care facility, they can call 877-511-1144.


  • Ricci

    This just put me further back from putting my daughter in a daycare, is there any work from home jobs I would rather just home school her.

    • eatpie

      There are plenty of fine daycares and preschools, you have to do your homework and not go with the cheapest one. From your grammar and sentence structure, I wouldn't suggest home schooling.

      • Anonymous

        And from your comment I think you might have set your mentality back to elemetary my dear. Just rude, go slap yourself.

    • terry mills

      Not sure of that but email me at
      I know where there is a day care home that is licensed,feeds each child three meals and two snacks daily, provides transportation, has black, white, mexican, hawaiian and chinese children, takes in special need children, has a sign in sheet every time a diaper is changed, hires female teachers, is ran by christian middle age women, and has camera's to video whats going with the children all day long. If a child has a wet diaper or sheds one tear the owner is on her workers like white on rice and they better have a very good explanation or it is termination. And no I do not own or work for them. My child goes there.

  • Anaiya Lopez

    I can GUARANTEE she said, "The devil is a LIE." Not alive. lol People lie on daycare workers ALL the time. I bet it came from their own home.

    • latonya

      And to fix y’all little comment who would go thru all this known they could get their kids taken lol it didn’t cum from my house I have a 4 year old running around and she has never gotten a whole to a condom nor have I ever had to call the news on myself what’s wrong with u people and don’t be so quick to speak on situation you know nothing about you wasn’t there and and e have no reason to lie on a daycare thas money we can keep duhhhhhhhhh think before you speak I know someone taught you better

  • latonya

    I’m the aunt that is spoken about and the lady was suppose to b on her way the whole time this was happening and the officersis my witnesses she nevr came nor did she want to give me or the officers her address to the daycare she knows the condom didn’t come from us and if it di why would we go thru all drama you guys don’t watch children nor do you care about them because if you did you wuldve came to the hospital when we calld and informed you what was going on at your place that was “built for children” you didn’t even show your concerns for my nephew your not a blessing your a hipocrit and you are goin to get what’s coming to you

  • Sara Sanders

    This story has completed saddened me. I am a friend of the Galbreath family. However these allegations are outrageous and not true. I pray that the truth comes out. This false accusation is going to damage this ministries reputation. I have heard nothing but good things about this ministry which is why Marcel was originally enrolled there in the first place.

  • Quan

    Maybe sumbody was havin sex in tha vehicle that was use to bring tha baby home, and he found the condom where tha poor baby was seated at.

  • Jessica

    This story sounds like a complete fabrication. No condom notice from putting child in car to taking child out car. Hard to believe it wasnt notice from point a to point b.

  • Antonio

    No offense but in the neighborhood, you'd be surpised what you find on the ground needles, condoms, all types of trash, beer cans, etc. Probably pick it up off ground. I just don't believe it came from child care. Then when child was in car if in car seat where was the condom for him to reach it in the carseat itself. Hopefully this is all figured out for both parties

  • latonya

    Lol see agina you guys ont know what y’all talking about and they didnt even have him in a car seat dropping him off you guys shouldn’t beso quick to jugde if you don’t know what going on and it came from the day care who would lie about something like that

  • Jennifer Crites

    “I just don’t like that. I’d rather take care of him myself and I know what he’s doing,” Lewis said. Ummm, DUH! That's the best thing for him anyway!

  • latonya

    Watch your mouth about my mom she loves kids and what do you mean duh duh your mom how about that keep your comments to yourself like I said none of you guyz/ chick were there soooooo with that being said mind your bissness and take care of your kids please

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  • Kuntekente

    Holy crap. America has become a third world nation, forget the story – look at these illiterate savages commenting. Aff-free-ka we lubs u .

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