Man succumbs to injuries following shooting on northeast side

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An Indianapolis man has died following a shooting on the city’s northeast side.

It happened in the 3000 block of Adams Street just before 7 p.m. Tuesday. That’s near East 30th Street and North Sherman Drive.

Police said they found 22-year-old Eric Clanton Jr. inside a car. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition but succumbed to his injuries Wednesday.

A second victim was found just outside the car. At last check, he was listed in critical condition.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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    • Starr

      I don't know what you are trying to say but he was a really great young man. That is actually his driver's license picture. He was never in trouble with the law. You should never judge a book by it's cover. He was in college trying to create a better life for himself. He was a sweet person and would give the shirt off his back to anyone and he has always been that way.

    • Bmelton

      Brandon, please have some respect towards this young man. You CANNOT judge him. Even if you did know him your opinion doesn't even amount to God's judgement. R.I.P Eric

  • Cosmetologist

    Awwww, this is soooo sad. I didn't really know him well but I did his hair a few time at Kaye's beauty school. He didn't come off as the trouble making type. Very polite and well mannered.

  • Guest

    That is most definitely a mugshot pic and not a DL pic. That being said, just because he got arrested does not mean he is a piece of crab. Many decent people have made mistakes resulting in their arrest. the real question is do they learn from their mistakes and not repeat their behavior? Prayers and condolences to this young mans family and friends.

    • Guest

      What really will suprise you is the alarming amount of individuals who get fasely arrested daily in the State of Indiana. In my line of work I have crossed paths with many of them. They spend the rest of their lives being found guilty in the eyes of their employers, family members, and friends – as people in society generally have a common feeling that – if you were arrested, you must be guilty. So, just because this man may have gotten arrested; doesn't mean he was guilty.

  • Guest

    I didn't know the young man, but my niece did. I heard he was a polite nice young man, also in college. Getting ready to help launch a business. EVERYONE needs to stop judging people by the way someone looks, hey … someone may be judging YOU right now. Also, stop the violence. Our young men are dying it needs to stop. Someone just lost a son , brother , nephew , cousin, friend etc. My prayers are with his family and friends.

  • Guest

    Brandon Nabors was arrested along with Shaquille Carter and Elliott Johnson for several robberies and assaults. They had jumped me among others. They are NOT nice young men. They are thugs who should be incarcerated. They made the choice and need to pay. As for this guy, don't know. However many of the deaths are gang related esp. re drugs.

  • Anonymous

    You people and your ignorant comments. If you didn’t know him you have no right to judge. I’ve known him for a large portion of my life along with his family. They are all good people with even better hearts. Eric helped me through one of the toughest times in my life for nothing in return. He was a MAN with a great head on his shoulders trying to make it out of the stereotypes you place on the A.A race. And I will proudly vouche for him and say he made it. Just because you see a mugshot doesn’t make him a criminal. RIH Eric. Those of us who were blessed enough to share space with you truly know you we’re wonderful individual.

  • Guest

    Eric was no thug, had had no enemies, he never got into any trouble, and he was a GREAT person. He would give you his last without a second thought . He was the kind of person that made you feel like you was important when you spoke to him always smiling and joking (unlike the picture the have on here. which doesn't show the real Eric) . We have been working on a website together for the past year and all we would talk about is being successful. Eric didn't fit into any stereotype he lived life and treated others how he wanted to be treated. Eric touched a lot of lives and connected a lot of people while he was alive. For all you people judging him don't know him keep all of your hate and poison to yourself . When your time comes you will be judge as you have judge others. My best friend and Co-Founder is dead and he did nothing to deserve it.

  • Ashlee

    Rest in Peace Eric, You No Longer Have to Live in This Ugly Hateful World. You Didn't Deserve to Die Like This. Sorry to Your Family and Friends May God Comfort Them in Their Time of Need.

  • Brandon

    You claim that he never got in trouble, but I looked up his records, and it seems that he has several infractions against him, as well as a history in small claims court.

    • GUEST

      A family just lost a loved one, show some respect. Before you start looking up someone else's "infractions" Look at your own life and try to fix your own self, I'm sure have "infratuions" of your own and little lies you keep whether public or private. Like Jesus said "you who are without sin cast the first stone" Matter of fact Brandon why do you get to know your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ cuz I know for you to be trying to focus on a dead mans mistakes you have to have some serious issues with in yourself, I'm praying for you (not being sarcastic or mean). I hope God touches your heart and you get to know Him. GOD BLESS YOU!

    • Railynn

      Do you really not have anything to do with your life but worry about if this young man has a criminal record or not? Regardless of his past that doesn't give the right of anyone to take the life of another. Hopefully you find peace with yourself and stop trying to flaws with this man. Prayers to him and his family.

    • Anonymous

      So your gonna hold some petty claims against this man. Who tf are you ? So what. Normal human beings make mistakes. Are you perfect I doubt it. Don’t you dare. You make it seem like he’s a convicted felon or a rapist. For you to even take the time to try and prove the people who knew him wrong shows how small of a person you are.

    • Cosmetologist

      We can tell you have nothing better to do with your life. You actually took the time to look up his record. LOL get a fuckin life. I bet you're a sex offender.

  • tina

    this young man went to go by a cell phone and was robbed and shot along with his cousin. These young men were not trouble makers and didnt deserve this and how you know this pic wasntfrom a traffic arrest. Several infraction and small claim court so what that minor compared to murders, rapist and child molesters.

  • Jay

    This is a shame that people are really taking the time to judge another person whom they do not know, you may find yourself in a situation one day that portrays you in a negative light to others but in reality may not even be that way at all. There are ppl making comments that I'm sure have made some really bad choices that should have gotten you a mug shot you just haven't been caught yet, if we took the time to worry about ourselves and our own families we would all be better off.

  • leanie

    damn, i hate to see ppl be so stupid eric was a good kid always have been … he pretty much kept to his self .. he was raised in a praying home… he grew up in church he was in college also has siblings thats missing and loves him.. he didnt get the chance to experience life a family and kids… he got killed he didnt kill… diffrence… nor was he a drug dealer .. normal kid/man wrong place at the wrong sad… love u eric and ur family is in our prayers …

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