Police: Cloverdale man brings shotgun onto a school bus

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A Cloverdale man has been arrested for bringing a shotgun onto a school bus.

Police said Henry Tillberry boarded the bus earlier this month, before the school tragedy in Newtown, Conn.

Tillberry said he wanted to talk to some neighborhood kids about their dogs. He remained calm the entire time and even left the bus when the driver asked him.

He is due back in court in February.


  • John Browning

    Thanks for helping us preserve our gun rights (sarcasm)!

    Each time an idiot does something stupid like this we all lose. Why didn't you wait for the kids to get OFF the bus to threaten to shoot their menace dogs? Or better yet, start calling the cops when the dogs are causing a problem. You pay for them, you might as well use their services and let them go fuss at the people.

  • Jessie T.

    @ John,

    I aggree, it's idiots with guns that are the problem. Maybe instead of more gun control, they need to pass laws in regards to responsible gun control. We license people to drive and they are required to take a written and driven test. Why not require those who apply for a gun permit to take a field test and a written test? After all, there are more drivers that gun owners, and more cars kill civillians than guns.

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