Strangers help save Christmas for an Indianapolis woman

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Strangers have saved Christmas for an Indianapolis woman who was robbed.

Wednesday, Danielle Ward hugged one of her angels who helped saved Christmas for her and her two young boys.

Thieves wiped her out the day after Thanksgiving.  They broke into her home, stole her TVs then went into her closet and stole all of her children’s Christmas gifts. She had just picked the items up from layaway.

After Danielle’s story aired on Fox59 News, the phones lit up like a Christmas display with a lot of people wanting to help.

This brings us back to the hug and the people who wanted to help Danielle make Christmas happen. Anika Grays with the Prince Hall Masonic family wanted to make sure Danielle’s two little boys had some gifts under the tree.

“I didn’t want the babies to be without,” said Grays. “I know it’s not what Christmas is all about but every baby likes to wake up and have something to open.”

Danielle was brought into a big room and was told to pick whatever presents she wanted for her 2-year-old and her 4-year-old.

Danielle was overwhelmed.

“People really do care and not just because it’s the holiday season but people really do care about when something happens to me and my family or anybody’s family, people reach out and help,” Danielle said.

The Prince Hall Masons even helped out Danielle’s sister who is also struggling at Christmas time.  Mason Marcus Payne said there’s no better feeling than giving.

“I think heaven should be like this a little bit,” said Payne.

Now loaded up with gifts, Danielle said this will be the most blessed Christmas ever.  She also has a message for anyone whose hope was stolen this season.

“I would just tell them to have faith,” Danielle said. “As long as you have faith, hope will follow.”