Homeowners receive random act of kindness after losing thousands in home repair scam

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Fox59 is following up on a story involving a company called Patriot Restoration of New Castle, Ind.

In October, we told you about a family that paid that company thousands of dollars for work that was never completed.

Now, their home has finally been repaired. However, it wasn’t Patriot Restoration of New Castle that came forward to do the work they’d already been paid to do. The owner of Kaldahl Home Improvements, Brian Kaldahl, and his wife saw the story on TV and felt compelled to help.

The homeowner, Lisa Limeberry’s home was engulfed in storm and hail damage and the mold was getting unmanageable.

After seeing Lisa’s story on Fox59, the Kaldahls wanted Lisa to know there are still good people who do honest work.

“I said that’s awful, and he (her husband) said I can do that, that’s a house I could do in a day and I said do it, would you and he said absolutely,” Justine said.

“It really moved us, hearing Lisa’s story and how they had taken advantage of her,” Brian said.

With winter weather looming, they contacted Lisa right away and fixed the damage for free that she’d already paid another company to do.

“I just want to tear up because I’m just so happy that my family is safe,” Lisa said.

Kaldahl Home Improvements repaired the roof, decking and everything that was damaged. It would have been about a $6,000 job if she had to pay for it.

“It is an opportunity for us just to pass on what God has given us and hopefully they pass on whatever talent it is that they have to someone else,” Justine said.

Brian said this year was good to his business and he was grateful for that.

“I thought what a great opportunity to give back and help somebody and we can and we had the opportunity to do it,” Brian said.

The whole thing put to rest Lisa’s worst fear, which was that the water leakage in the home would make it unlivable right before the holidays.

“I want to thank you so so much , if it hadn’t been for you, they wouldn’t have seen this and we would have not been able to do much of anything for a long time,” Lisa said.

Lisa said while she’s learned a lesson about doing more research before hiring someone, the Kaldahls have restored some of her trust in humanity.

The unfortunate side of this is that there are several other people in Central Indiana who claim that they also paid Patriot Restoration of New Castle and still have nothing to show for it.

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is still investigating the company and the many complaints against them.  If and when they take formal action, we will let you know.

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  • teresa

    HI im Teresa. Patrriot Restoration got me for 1538.00. All i got was A trape on my roof. Still do not have a roof on my house. Still got problems with my roof. That is cousing rain damage They will not answer the phone to me.I have call bbb. and channel 6 for help.. GLAD to see that someone was willing to help with this problem..

  • Luke Wallace

    Now that's just low. These people are having enough trouble rebuilding their homes and lives, then someone scams them? It's a good thing there are still good samaritans in the world who would genuinely help the affected get back on their feet.

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