Ivy Tech to use tax intercept program to collect past due bills

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Ivy Tech Community College is the latest school to use the state’s tax intercept program to collect past due bills.

Students with past due bills will be seeing less money in their tax refund checks. That’s because the state will divert part or all of their refund to the school. It mirros the process the state uses to collect back child support.

Administrators recently approved a nearly $9 million write-off for uncollected student fees. They hope the tax intercept program will lessen those losses.


      • MPA

        Oh the typical "you talk about constitutional rights, therefore, you must be guilty" Pretty typical of how Krushevhad people turning against each other during the Cold War. You'd make a good commie.

  • PayYourBills

    It's a state college, so if you owe the state, the state can take it out of your state refund. No court order needed.

    • MPA

      Technically it is a state college. It is operated as a special district, much like public schools, but they report to and are funded by a Board of Trustees, while state agencies are managed by elected officials.

  • MPA

    Hey makes sense to go after unemployed college kids in this economy like they were dead parents behind on child support. Yup makes a whole lot of sense.

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