Power crews say they’re ready for hazardous weather

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We haven’t seen a potential winter storm like the one forecasted Tuesday in nearly two years, but Central Indiana power companies said they are keeping a watchful eye on the radar for rain, ice and heavy snow.

“There is a possibility if the wintry mix becomes too serious that it could result in some outages for some of our customers,” said Lew Middleton with Duke Energy.

Tuesday’s forecast calls for clouds and the potential for flurries, but the weather event is expected to happen on Wednesday, where we could see freezing rain early with snow accumulating as much as 8″ on Thursday.

Charles and Tricia Wade are preparing for the weather to hit their home in Noblesville.

“We have flashlights, and an overstock of batteries and extra canned food,” said Wade.

Tricia’s husband, Charles is taking another step.

“We’re gonna go buy a generator. We have stores of food and extra water. We don’t wanna take any chances with our holiday,” said Wade.

Both Indianapolis Power and Light and Duke Energy said they are keeping a close watch on the skies and are ready to go if the weather becomes hazardous.

“We’re prepared to respond with line technicians, vegetation management people, service crews, not only Duke Energy employees, but we have contracted employees that we can call upon as well,” said Middleton.

Duke Energy is the largest electric supplier in the state serving nearly 800,000 customers in 69 of Indiana’s 92 counties.

“We are confident in our ability to respond to restore the power at whatever level is necessary,” Middleton said.

‪Another potential problem is the stress trees went through this Summer with the drought. ‬ ‪Many of them were starving for water and that could make them more brittle. Add ice to those limbs and that could add even more damage that could lead to power outages.‬