Road crews preparing for snow and ice that’s expected to impact travel plans

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The Indiana Department of Transportation began pre-treating some major thoroughfares Monday in anticipation of a snow storm.

Indy Snow Force will also take similar steps beginning Tuesday night.

“I know the weather is coming,” said Bill Appleget, a driver who spoke with FOX59.

“I don’t have a vehicle to go through the snow,” said Steven Gibson, another driver.

It could be the biggest snow storm in years, and it is expected to impact travel plans over the next few days.

“I’m not going anywhere,” said Tom Slattery, an Indianapolis homeowner.

“We’re coming back on Thursday so we’re wondering if that’s going to change,” said Paul Douglass, who will be traveling with his family.

There is a full call out to Indy Snow Force drivers who will report to work at 11 p.m. Christmas night. They will pre-treat the roadways using their fleet and a few extra borrowed trucks.

“We’ll be at full force with 118 units out,” said Lesley Malone, Indianapolis Department of Public Works Spokeswoman.
Residential roadways will not be cleared unless Indianapolis sees six inches or more of snow, though.

“Nights,  weekends and holidays, our drivers are there, and they’ll come in and do their job,” said Nathan Riggs, an INDOT Spokesman who said INDOT is confident they can get their job done.

“We’ve got 4-wheel drive so we’ll just see what happens,” said Hoy Garvin, another driver.

“I’m a bit concerned about them driving back, but hopefully we won’t get what were supposed to,” said Terry Schmutzler, who admits she is concerned about her son on the roadways.

Both Indy Snow Force and INDOT have full salt bins.