Victim’s aunt: Explosion suspects “should die a horrible death”

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The three people charged in the deadly south side disaster appeared in court Monday.

Moncy Shirley appeared distraught as she entered the courtroom. Her boyfriend, Mark Leonard did not display any emotion while his brother, Bob Leonard Jr., appeared to be scowling.

Residents from the Richmond Hill neighborhood came to court Monday morning to see the suspects, and so did relatives of Dion Longworth, who lived next door to Shirley and died in the explosion, along with his wife Jennifer.

“I wanted them to see me,” said Longworth’s aunt, Pam Mosser, who was quite vocal in her opinions on the case and whether the suspects should face the death penalty.

“That’s the least that they should have,” Mosser said. “I think they should die a horrible death, personally.”

The three face more than 100 charges, including felony murder, conspiracy to commit arson and arson. Not guilty pleas were entered on their behalf.

Public defenders were appointed to Mark Leonard and Bobby Leonard Jr. Shirley will be represented by Randy Cable. Cable has previously represented Mark Leonard.

“It’s unbelievable someone could be in a casino drinking, having a good time while they’re blowing up a house and in the meantime, Jennifer and Dion were in horrid, horrid moments until they died,” Mosser said.

The prosecutor’s office said it could take up to 30 days to decide whether to pursue the death penalty.

“This is certainly a major case in terms of putting the case together and preparing it for trial,” said assistant prosecutor Denise Robinson. “We still have another potential person involved in the case, and there’s more of the investigation that will continue.”

A trial date has been set for March 4, though prosecutors said it was possible that date could get pushed back.



    SUSPECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…On crap investigation work. After that total destruction the catalyst was a microwave…Really you found that much of it to determine it exploded outward……GET REAL.

  • Matt

    Bet dimes to donuts this nasty little attorney representing the nasty little Shirley woman doesn't have a chance against prosecutors with this case. (Good luck Denise Robinson)

    All this evidence against the three fools being charged suggests they are not bright at all, the way they didn't cover their tracks at all. They're probably COKE HEADS, as cocaine is on Marky-poo's rap sheet, which would explain the enormous amounts of money the little rat-looking Shirley woman was after, and the enormous amounts she was in the hole.

    Miserable, unattractive, greedy, it all makes sense if you think about it….of course they act this way, who in their right mind would want anything to do with the three? They're all pathetic, and probably only HAD each other. Now that's gone too….AWESOME.

    Give them death, they've spent enough money.

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