Indianapolis crews continue to plow, salt roadways as contractors finish with neighborhood streets

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Indianapolis Department of Public Works employees are continuing to treat and plow the roadways after the snow storm, and the city’s contractors have been tackling the side streets. Concerns about refreezing remain, though.

Thursday afternoon, some side roads had been cleared, but the contractors, who started their work at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, would not finish their work until the evening.

“It’s not a 4-wheel drive,” said KJ Bassett, who learned he would need at least a shovel to get his car out of the snow.

In the meantime, he used a phonebook to clean the snow off the top of his car admitting he didn’t have the necessary tools.

“I have to go out on the east side to do work on a property so I’m crossing my fingers,” said Bassett.

Six inches of snow must fall before the contractors are dispatched to the neighborhoods that do not have a neighborhood association that is charged with doing the plowing. The city picks up the tab, which ran about $250,000 several years ago.

“There was no need to go to the mailbox. The mailman had to deliver it on foot,” said Ruby Walker, whose road was not plowed.

She lives on the northeast side of Indianapolis off Binford Boulevard on a dead end.

“My car is low, and it’s not made for this. If they had cleaned the streets, it would be much better.”

“We are asking everyone to be patient. We have over 6,000 lane miles in the city, and an additional 4,000 lane miles in the residential areas, and we will get to you,” said Lesley Malone, Indianapolis Department of Public Works Spokeswoman.

The city’s plow truck drivers have been working 12-hour shifts around the clock. Some employees even came to work on Monday to prepare the equipment. More than a dozen trucks were also borrowed from another city department to help with the massive effort.

“We have some temperatures in the mid 20’s. We want to make sure we don’t have any re-freezing, or as little as possible, so they’ll be treating and plowing what’s on the road,” said Malone.

“Normally, they’re pretty good about cleaning it up. Cabin fever sets in after a few days,” said Walker.

Dozens of plow truck drivers will start another 12-hour shift at 11 p.m. Thursday. They have been asked to salt where the asphalt is visible.


  • David Zemaitis

    Sten Ct on the southside has not been touched its on stop12 off of US 31 several older adults and heart patients live in the small community

  • Guest

    My question is in most towns they clear the streets after every snow. Why does Indianapolis not do that ?
    In most towns the city even plows out the alleys come on Indianapolis get real the main streets are just part of the road system if the residents cant't get to the main roads then it doesn't matter how good of job you did on them.

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