IU student arrested after posing as 14-year-old girl in attempt to “get” pedophile

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An Indiana University student has been arrested after police said he posed as a 14-year-old girl to lure another man to a Seattle hotel.

Adam Blazak, 28, has been charged with extortion and unlawful imprisonment following the Dec. 18 incident.

Blazak reportedly posted an ad on Craigslist claiming to be a girl. When a 19-year-old man met him at a Seattle hotel, Blazak pinned the man to the ground and handcuffed him, police said. The man said Blazak told him he was a federal agent and wouldn’t let him go until he handed over $191 and a pair of sunglasses.

Police said Blazak told them he had always wanted to “get” a pedophile and that’s why he posted the ad online.

The 19-year-old man has also been arrested though he claims he was told the imaginary girl was 18.


    • John Butterfish







  • anonymous said

    I don’t know what is worse, the sex addict or the extortionist. Technically the sex guy is a hebophile.

  • Khorla

    These miserabler pedophiles will travel hell or high water to get at a child with their perverted thoughts. Please catch many more.

    • Patrick

      Khorda, a pedophile is one who seeks sex with minor children (like infants and under 10, not teenagers. Too many people apply that term way to easily. And remember, of legal age to "consent" or not, thousands of under age teens engage in sexual activity of some sort. It just doesn't automatically appear at 18 or 21. Geesh.

      • REAL

        Pedophile – adults, man or woman, who are sexually attracted to children, both boys and girls. Last time I checked if your under 18 then you are considered a CHILD. Although I do realize that 19 and 14 are close in age, there still has to be something wrong with a 19 year old to want to sleep with a kid that young.

      • John Butterfish

        The most common age of consent in the US is 16, you stupid ass.


        Read a book.

      • Yercreepy

        I know what you're saying is *technically* correct, but….That sure sounds like the justification of an older guy who really likes having sex with 14 year olds to me.

      • Ned Diggers

        A pedophile is someone who is attracted to prepubescent children. They may or may not be seeking sex with a child. It's an attraction, not necesarily an action. If you don't believe me check this out for more information. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. DSM-V

  • ShellyStow

    No, "technically" the guy is a horny teenage male who needs to find a better way to meet girls. He is, though an adult, a teen himself, and even if the virtual girl were 14, I don't think the widely disputed term of hebephile, not hebophile, would apply, and most certainly pedophile would not.

    As soon as the police release the would-be young lover, they will definitely have the right person in custody.


    This article is clear evidence that the internet should not be used as a primary tool for law enforcement's active pursuit of "criminals". No matter how you slice it, whenever someone is "pretending" to be a child, he/she is actively helping to create evidence and is just as culpable in the as the perpetrator of any alleged crime. Persuading people to do wrong is a crime….and online sting operations of any sort ought to be held in the lowest esteem by people of good moral and ethical sense.

    • Patrick

      Culpable? Maybe. Certainly sexually flirtatious conduct by anyone pretending to be a minor, toward anyone that leads to conduct that is illegal should be considered entrapment. Thousands of people who had no intent to engage in sex with minors and/or wouldn't have done so normally, did so after already sexually active minors encouraged, enticed that behavior. After all, human sexuality is the strongest of all senses. While still wrong, those type of "crimes" should have a whole different set of consequences that are lessor in offense and far lessor in consequences. Especially when there is no history of prior acts and no re-offenses.

      • REAL

        That's all just a bunch of excuses, even if a minor tried to come on to me there is now way in hell I could be come enticed in anyway. My moral standards would not allow me to feel in enticement or attraction to a minor. These people already have this in them and have either done it or thought about doing it before… that's the only way you could be enticed enough to engage in sex acts with a child.

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