Residents upset about delayed trash pickup

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Many residents are upset about the delay in trash pickup. Myrna Spitz wants to know when someone is going to pick up her trash.

“Since I worked my butt off to make sure they’d take it and not give me a fit about it, when they couldn’t get to it because of the snow drift or they couldn’t get to it because the plows blocked it,” Myrna said.

It doesn’t take long to notice the trash is starting to pile up in Indianapolis.  Combine the Christmas Holiday with a blizzard carrying more than seven inches of snow and you get a big mess and trash service suspended a week for residents who usually see pickups on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Sanitation workers have been called in to help clear the streets of snow.  Now, Myrna won’t get her trash picked up until next Wednesday.

“So that’s what they’re telling you,” said Myrna. “Oh, that’s lovely.  You know I don’t mind having two weeks of trash if I’m the screw up.”

But Myrna is not alone.

“We have quite a bit of trash,” said resident Spencer Fields. “Our trash cans are full.  We have boxes everywhere and no end in sight.”

So Fields said he’ll just have to wait it out with a side room as a staging area.

“They’re saying eight days, maybe a week and it’s piling up pretty quick,” said Spencer.  “We’ll get through it.”

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says just hold on.

“We know it is a bit of inconvenience for residence to hold that trash,” said Department of Public Works Spokeswoman Lesley Malone. “If we didn’t and went back, we’d affect the whole city and be behind versus affecting a smaller number.”
As for Myrna, she’s getting ready to haul her trash in and said she might get a little too salty for our cameras.

“No words will technically be able to put on a local broadcast,” Myrna said. “It would be all beeps.”


  • Guest

    OMG! Give them a break! At least they got the snow taken care of. If they didn't do that, you would be complaining about that! Geesh!!!

    • Chris

      Amen! Hey Myrna, next time they’ll take the trash and leave the 15″ of snow drift in you’re drive! Are you kidding me?

  • Tabitha

    I have maybe half a bag of trash per week. I recycle EVERYTHING and have no trash. break down your boxes, and theyll take up less room. not that hard, stuff happens so stop complaining.

  • jojo

    Take your trash and put it back in your yard and bring it back out when the sanitation workers are done plowing the streets for all you whiners… Look at the people in NYC with the massive delays in trash removal due to Sandy or Irene..Those were "Plies" of trash and they just went with the flow…

  • guest

    gee, if you'd recycle more this wouldn't be such a big deal! Give me a freaking break. quit whining! There are so many more important things to be concerned about…like clearing the roads so people don't get themselves KILLED driving somewhere! Suck it up, buttercup!

  • 3kidsmom

    I can't believe people are so up in arms about this. Just remember those truck drivers are someones husband, dad, brother, uncle, etc and their safety isn't any less important than anyone else's. If it is too dangerous for people to go to work why is it not too dangerous for them to try and drive those big trucks up and down alley's and side streets? Geez…

  • Sandy

    This P**ses me off…This lady and the other customers that are so concerned as to WHEN their trash is going to be picked up have NO CLUE what its like to drive a Trash truck or what it takes to be out in this weather…with still SLICK roads…with some of the county roads blown shut…is your trash THAT IMPORTANT to you that the lives of the ones that DO MANUAL labor in the the bad weather…with the slick roads…snow covered country and county roads and dangerous conditions mean anything to you…or are they beneath you??.My fiance is a residential driver in the Howard County area…his truck is not one that picks the trash up automatically…he has to get in and out of the trucks at approx 600-800 stops a day…some in cleaned off streets and roads and some are deplorable conditions that can risk his life….or he could get hurt badly if he slips and falls getting out of the truck on the SLICK AND ICY ROADS…GET OVER YOURSELF LADY!! YOUR TRASH IS NOT WORTH SOMEONES LIFE!!

    • Tia

      Well said, as I was reading the story I was like really lady maybe this lady that is worried about her trash needs to go do trash duty. Really, some nerve she has! It's been a one week if she is that concerned about her trash then she should take it to the dumps.

  • MamaGigi

    What a snotty crab Myrna is! There are more important things in this world to get upset about. Don't get your panties in a wad because one trash pick-up gets missed.

  • Michelle

    Poor Myrna. Boo hoo hoo. Just relax n put your trash back where it was. It's a drag but it's hardly the worst thing to ever happen. And if it is, you've had a pretty carefree life!

  • Diane

    It makes me sad that this woman has no compassion or appreciation for the people who pick up her trash the other 51 weeks of the year on time. Please, Myrna, have some love and compassion for the people who contribute to your community well-being. ❤

  • Debbieann915

    So these trash truck drivers should have risked their lives during a blizzard to make sure her trash was picked up? How compassionate of her. I can wait for my trash to be picked up if it means they are going to be off the streets and safe at home.

  • wjmama

    Wow. Gosh, her life is rough. I just can't imagine the inconvenience she goes through. Why, the daily struggles she lives with– having trash that needs picked up, having to shovel around the cans– she's an inspiration to us all. Can we hold a telethon or 5k Fun Run to raise money to maybe buy her another trash can or something? Be strong Myrna– we're all praying that you make it through this difficult time.

  • Stanton

    Really people?!? You're complaining about the delay in your trash collection?? The Indy area just experienced a blizzard! Things take time to get back on track!! Personally, I'd be more concerned with getting the roads cleared that way the waster collectors can get through the roads safely to pickup the trash. Be patient and let the city do its job.

  • Tom

    What a sack of POOOO! They're probably liberals on welfare too. This is also a sign that some people consume too much!

  • joe-joe2

    Sure glad she's NOT my neighbor. She obviously doesn't drive……..or she'd be thankful the roads were cleared and quit whining about her trash. What a dirt-bag.

  • Brandy doyle

    Wow! How ridiculous that she and others are complaining about this “problem”. If this is her biggest problem, I want her life. I also can’t believe that any news station thought that this was worth their time. How pathetic. Get a life.


    I wish that is the worst thing that could of happened during a blizzard like snowstorm. Is not having my trash picked up because the Sanitation Department was helping the city get the roads cleared off so maybe some of the employees for the Sanitation Dept that couldnt make it into work was able to today so they could start picking up today. I believe there worse things that could happen than some trash being picked up. Take some time and read the headline story about the Mother and daughter that about died after hitting black ice and ending up in water on there way to certain death when God placed a set of heros where they could help save there lives instead. Thats more important than some trash story.

  • 'Thor'

    Cry babies, act like little children when they don't get their way. I really feel bad for them with what is coming!!

  • Sandy

    I can tell what type of person this woman is–and, I will not call her a lady as that she is not. Such language, ''butt'' and ''screw''. I would never use these words. But, to the real point. Most of these trash drivers were out cleaning the streets-trash was not their main priority. I am glad this woman is not a neighbor of mine. I do not think I would like her.

  • idiotsmacker

    Trash collection in this city is a joke. I can't get them to pick up my trash on an average week. Every time I have had to call the Mayors Action office, they send out a guy to put a note on my trash can telling me they will be back in a week. I guess around here you don't always get the service that you pay for. I know it takes a virtual Einstein to be a trash man.

    • joe-joe2

      Hey idiotsmacker………..why don't you move in with Myrna. You'd obviously make a delightful couple.
      You both could then whine for the rest of your lives about the 'stste of your trash'.

  • woslick2

    I would be okay with this because I know they use the trucks for snow removal but no truck has cleared my street and I still have my trash. Seems like I am loosing on both counts!

  • ladya

    Recycle and quit whining! Our country just saw children massacred and people are whining about trash pick up. Give me a break

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