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Snow plow driver describes moment truck burst into flames

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In the middle of the cold and snow, a snow plow went up in flames. Now, the driver and his wife who were inside are telling us about their dramatic escape.

What Jesse Angel thought was just a small issue, turned out to be a life-threatening ordeal.

“when I first saw the smoke, I thought maybe we had burned up a belt or something minor, I didn’t think it’d be anything to this extreme,” said Jesse Angel.

The smoke was coming from under the hood when the snow plow driver was about to clear the roads in a south side subdivision.

“We realized there was smoke coming from the hood. I stopped the truck, went to take a look at it, popped the hood, and there was flames coming up over the motor.”

Jesse’s wife was actually in the passenger seat on her phone, as the fire began to quickly ravage the truck.

“I told her get out of the truck because it was on fire and she said ‘What?’ and looked up and saw the flames coming up through the hood of the truck and jumped out.”

She made it out just in time.

“All of the plastic and door handles are completely melted, the hood is melted and twisted from the heat.”

Jesse was ready for the big snow storm and Fox59 cameras were with him and the same truck last week for the first snow this winter. What a difference a week makes!

“Literally, within two minutes, the whole truck was on fire and within 10 minutes, the truck burned right to the ground.”

Firefighters were there in minutes, but they had no chance: The truck was filled with de-icer, WD-40 and other flammable fluids.

“When the fire department showed up, (there were) two or three other explosions while they were getting prepared.”

There was a fire extinguisher in the truck but it was water-based.

“If I had the right fire extinguisher for electrical or oil, I think it would’ve been out really fast and the truck might’ve been saved.”
But saved, most importantly, were the Angels.

“I’ve been doing this 20 years and never had anything like this happen at all,” said Jesse Angel.

The Angels have several other trucks so their plowing business will continue.  They hope insurance will cover the truck that was destroyed.


  • dave

    just wonderin jessie when ur goinn to pay me and my cousin our last checks from indy fence and deck ohh yeah u filed chapter 7 or 13 and we got screwed out of a lot of money and i hope ur insurance wont pay for that truck carma is a b***h but until i get paid i will never forget

  • nonie

    Wow. He could of died and all you care about is money….its sad how people are now a days. Jesse angel has a family and im sure do as well. He could of been dead! You are a very selfish person for saying such awful things. I as a matter of fact hope you have a great holidy mr. Anonymous.

  • Jean MCIntire

    I agree with mr.anonymous.What type of person wishes ill of a person over something as stupid as they mentioned in the lead comment to this story?? AND AT CHRISTMAS TIME OF ALL TIMES AND NOT TO MENTION THAT THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A HORIBBLE TRADEGY FOR THIS FAMILY IF THEY HAD BEEN KILLED. It has also always been in bad form and poor taste to air ones dirty laundry in public as cleary you are doing. FYI; causing persons to question another persons character or integrity with out showing proof or allowing the other person to respond to such is SLANDER and you open your self up for a law suit. Clearly, if you had any such proof you would be in small claims court seeking retribution for services renderred but since you are airing this on a (FAMILY; children may be reading these comments ) family friendly site, it was your intention to possibly SLANDER this person where you would get the biggest audience. May be you and that mentaliy would be better suited at JERRY SPRINGERS web site or one that would help you with your obvious issues ; anger management, inability to let go of the past, ect…. Try DR PHIL.or another specialist in that field. And since you have brought up KARMA twice, Karma comes back around for all of us bad or good, it comes back.So maybe its not a good idea to wish ill of others or make light of what could have been a devestating event for this person and his family, especialy during the Holiday Season. You may be the next one KARMA calls on for your deeds.Find a church and attend it until you learn forgiveness of others, it will help you emencely. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS! !!!!!!!!

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