Stray bullets damage several homes on New Year’s Eve

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INDIANAPOLIS – Every year, police warn people to refrain from firing their guns int the air to ring in the New Year.

And every year, people ignore the warning.

This year was no different—and there were some close calls.

In the 3000 block of Euclid Avenue, a bullet went through a bedroom window and landed on a bed just two feet from a sleeping 2-year-old girl.

Although the shot and breaking glass didn’t even wake the girl, her 7-year-old brother heard the crash and ran to get their mom, 30-year-old Donisha Council.

When Council ran into the bedroom, she saw her little girl sleeping near broken glass. A bullet lay near her feet.

“I just thank God,” she said. “Thank God she’s okay.”

By daylight, Council still had no idea who fired the shot that narrowly missed her little girl. She said she felt a mix of anger, fear and relief.

“I think people are ignorant of what can happen,” she said. “They shoot the guns off celebrating on New Year, but who wants to ring in the new year like that?”

Council’s case was just one of several calls to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department over the New Year’s Eve celebration hours.

In the 3500 block of Temple Avenue, duct tape kept cold air from blowing through a bullet hole in the front window of Donella Winfield’s home.

Her family gathering the night before was cut short when a stray shot crashed into her living room and landed less than a foot from her three grandchildren.

When asked if she was angry, she replied, “Yes, because it could have taken one of my grandkids’ life.”

Reports of celebratory gunfire were not confined to any particular Indianapolis neighborhood. Property damage calls were placed from the east side to downtown to the west side.

On Allison Street, near West 38th and Moller, the Aguilar family came home early Tuesday morning to find a bullet sitting on their hallway floor.

It had come down through the roof, through the ceiling and into their home.

Luis Aguilar was glad he and his family hadn’t been home at the time.

“It’s not right,” he told Fox59. “Some innocent person could get shot.”

At each home, police took the stray bullet in for evidence and ballistics records. Those records could prove useful in the future if another bullet fired from any of the same guns ever turns up at a crime scene.


  • Bev

    I heard just after midnight what I hoped was fireworks, but it sounded like gun shots! I live in Broad Ripple and it is not unusual to hear fireworks or a gun shot from time to time. People need to be more responsible. Especially if they are drinking. They probably do not intend to hurt anyone, but they cannot predict where a bullet may land once it is shot into the air.

  • Tanyika

    Billy, I totally agree which you! Peeople be so scared of guns but there's nothin to be sceert of unless you be a caward. ask me, i think is a conspiracy or something involving the goverment.

    • seriously?

      i hope this is supposed to be a joke. if not, you're clearly an idiot. Its not ok for people to go around shooting guns into the air and having families have bullets flying through their windows because some ignorant F*** wants to go around popping off for no reason. people be "sceert" of guns because of the dumbass people who dont know how to handle owning a gun responsibly.

  • eddie

    you 2 are right, its a conspiracy. I broke into these peeps homes and broke the glass, drilled holes in their roofs and placed bullets from your gun next to these babies

  • sushi

    I heard 2 or 3 assualt rifles going off at the same time about 5 miniutes till new years. Next day 5 At&t trucks out repairing damaged At&t phone line from bullets, and I picked up 64 shell casings from the 2 or 3 assualt weapons used. I had taped recored the incident and found people outside and laughing during this time of the assual weapons going off. 64 rounds in about 5 minutes time sounded like a war zone, and I think that's just what we have here in America a war of good guys and bad guys, maybe some girls but I've yet to see girls out shooting weapons. It's serious business, but no one in authority takes it serious. It happens every New Years, and every New Years I stay at home in fear for my life. Sad.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        Well…enlighten me.

        How can you tell what an assault weapon sounds like when it is fired?

        Be precise and exact. Use examples if need be.

        I expect an answer within 12 hours or however long it takes you to attempt to trawl up a cogent answer via google!


      • ResponsibleGunOwner

        Its usually pretty easy to tell when you hear an assault weapon, as they are fully automatic. This fella's story sounds like he is full of it, but either way, full auto sounds a lot different then the semi auto sporting rifles that are available to the general public, after the required background checks of course.

      • ClanSmokeJaguar

        >as they are fully automatic.

        By what definition?

        Some handguns are labeled by both the government and firearm enthusiasts as "assault" weapons.

        Full auto or semi-auto does not define a true "assault" weapon.

  • DeeDee75

    I'm all for owning handguns for personal protection and do so myself. However, they are not toys. Did you get that, idiots? – They are NOT toys! They are not for show and not for firing off on New Year's? Dumb arses don't realize that what goes up MUST come down!

    I remember years ago a group of people were out celebrating New Years, firing guns and fire works. When a little boy, around 5 was struck in the head by a bullet that fell from the sky. It was one of his relatives that had fired a gun into the air. Remember that when you think it's entertaining to pop off rounds in celebration.

  • Jarvis

    Don't you all remember the boy that was killed by a stray bullet in a church that came through the ceiling a few years back?

  • Sean

    I was laying in bed at 12:30am when a stray bullet came through my second story bedroom window, through my pillow, and hit me on the right side of the head. Any to the left and it would've been a lot worse than just a trip to the hospital to make sure I was ok.

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