Family of starved infant say investigators could have prevented death

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The family of an Indianapolis baby boy who allegedly died of starvation at the hands of his mother, claims investigators could have done more to prevent the death from happening.

Fox 59 news reviewed newly released records into the death of two month old Phillip Robey, and found that both the Indiana Department of Child Services and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigated concerns about the welfare of baby Phillip. However, the two agencies say they were unaware that the other was involved until after the baby died.

In early November officer arrested 29 year old Bambi Glazebrook for murder. Investigators found marijuana in Glazebrook’s system, filthy conditions in her home and baby Phillip dead from starvation. According to the charging documents, baby Phillip weighed just five pounds, and he was stiff by the time officers arrived, meaning he had likely been dead for several hours.

Despite the conditions officers found during her arrest, when IMPD responded to calls from concerned family and friends on October 25th – just two weeks prior to his death – IMPD Public Information Officer Linda Jackson told Fox59 that the officer reported much different conditions.

“The officers responded and made contact with Ms. Glazebrook, her father (baby`s grandfather) and observed the infant.  At that time, they determined that the conditions in the house were acceptable,” Jackson wrote, in a written statement to Fox59 News. “The officers also said the infant was alert and in good condition.”

“I don’t understand how (the officers) could say that everything was fine when there was clearly something wrong,” said Martha Robertson, Bambi Glazebrook’s cousin.

Robertson doesn’t believe the officers’ account. She was one of the two people who called police in late October. The other person who called police also painted a different picture. According to court papers, the woman told investigators she was in the home the home on October 24th. She said the  “house was a disaster”, baby Phillip was “in a drawer in an entertainment cabinet” and when she touched Phillip’s back “all she felt were bones”.

“The baby was so sickly that, I mean, it looked like you would break him if you touched him and I don’t understand how a police officer could come in and say that everything was fine,” Robertson said.

The Department of Child Services never had a chance to see for themselves. Despite having an investigation of their own.

Glazebrook was no stranger to DCS. Her history included neglect due to a drug exposed infant and three children previously removed from her care.

From September to October DCS received several reports that baby Phillip was also in danger, but DCS wasn’t successful making contact with Glazebrook or baby Phillip.

Several of the early visits to Glazebrook’s home, were actually to an address where she no longer lived. DCS investigators still attempted to contact her, and did eventually make an attempt at the correct address, however, Glazebrook never responded to the door, replied to repeated letters or answered phone calls.

What DCS didn’t know, was that IMPD had successfully made contact with Glazebrook. In fact, child services didn’t know IMPD officers had visited the home until after baby Phillip died.

“DCS cannot speak for IMPD, or speculate on what might have happened during their run to the home,” said DCS Spokesperson Stephanie MacFarland. “Our social workers must rely on the eyes and ears of the community — including professional reporters (law enforcement, schools, hospitals, etc.) to report child abuse or neglect when they suspect or encounter it.”

IMPD stands by the officer’s account.

“There wasn`t justification, based on the information that the officers gathered on October 25th, 2012 to notify DCS,” Officer Jackson said in a statement to Fox59 News. “Additionally, IMPD had no information about prior contact between DCS and Glazebrook.”

According to IMPD, officers didn’t know about the DCS investigation because they didn’t have a “flag” on Glazebrook’s home, which tells officers about a court order assigning DCS to active supervision of a family. However, according to DCS, each time they investigate allegations of abuse or neglect, a different electronic report is automatically sent to IMPD.




    • rcsmith1982

      I totally agree, Joanne! I can't understand why none of the family members took the child to a hospital and let the hospital report the abuse. So sad…

    • Carrie Shrum

      I agree, but if she had 3 children taken before than they should have not let her have this one. Because of their lack of concern and responsibility another child dies. They need to step up and do their damn jobs or let people who want to do their jobs in.

    • Penny Bair

      I Agree Totally People need to STAND UP FOR KIDS!! As well as any person who apparently isn't capable of doing it themselves!!!! SO SAD!!!!! This sick woman should have had a warrant issued for her the fist time she wasn't abe to be reached!! She has a history' why did she even have the baby' DCS needs to step it up!! have her (the Killer) picked up for non compliance of updating personal info and contacts to know she can be reached within 5 minutes just in regards to terms of her being able to have that child in her custody in the first damn place!! Children, Older people and disabled people who get victimized is the most awful act a lifeless soulless parasite of an individual could do!! makes my heart break. I don't understand why people always think its someone elses job to be the voice the advocater the one to make a difference and then chooses not to get involved!! Make the difference PEOPLE it's OKAY to turn in people who do these kinds of things. I pray for that baby I know God has him but the whole time he was on Earth he suffered. I hope they think about that when the convict this idiot. The cousin should have acted more aggressivly and took the baby to the ER and got emergency custody to someone if she was unable to intervene to that degree. The Cousin should NOW follow up about the IMPD report bc she knew what the baby looked like and she can challenge that and make a difference so things like this dont keep happening. She needs to be this babies voice now more than ever!! I will pray for you and you do the right thing call and talk to the case manager or the prsecutor in this case!!

  • Laura

    Wow! A baby starving to death? If I read this correctly, Baby Phillips grandfather along with an IMPD officer thought the infant was fine after one visit. I question when is an IMPD officer and a grandfather a reliable health care provider to make such decision. That IMPD officer needs to find a new job or be retrained. I am a certified teacher for the state. It is my job to report any case of child abuse or neglect. This is also true with all citizens of our country. It is especially true with police officers. If I, as a teacher, had information and didn't report then my license for teaching would be revoked. The same should be true for police officers that are in a position of protecting us. This child wasn't protected even after assistance was called upon.

  • Nancy

    Looks like like she thought she was posing for a glamour shot. someone get that rip sterilized. Better yet, let HER starve to death!

  • Eileen Ellis

    Simply tragic. Even the visual of the yard, front porch, and home is evidence of neglect. I sure wish I was a neighbor. I have always heard God takes care of those who can't take care of themselves. May baby Phillips live in Heaven.

  • Julie

    I can't believe anyone would. But, if you are drunk or on drugs–maybe you don't care who you sleep with.

  • Nate

    Wow seriously I can’t believe a black man slept with that! Who gives a shit who slept with her it’s about the baby not this white trash whore or a black crackhead

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    Mein Gott!

    The hideousness of this woman….it's just too much!

    She should also be charged with "felony ugliness" and misdemeanor "attempted impersonation of a possum!"


  • sweetyteeus

    sadly as a foster parent , Isee this alot, parents have had kids removed before or still got kids in a foster home ,have another and get to keep it to see if she can mother one. I so don't agree with this idea. but its the norm in every state it seems. praying that the system can be changed for these kids so this needless deaths can stop . I have had the same kids come back more then once in to our home over neglect , but seems to always get to try again . we all need to pray for the safety of the kids .

  • crazy

    first ff i dont understand why were sitting here talking about her apperance thats insane second the fact that she already had three children taken away dosent mean she couldnt have raised the thid i had three taken from me because of me using drugs i got pregnant with my fourth turned my life around and now im raising my daughter and working on maintaining custody f my other three should my child be taken ust because of my past people dont know the whole situaton i knew her personally the blame shuld be with the doctors and nurses she aways seemed slow def incapable f taking care of kids dont understand why she was aloud to care for them alone

    • CASA

      As a CASA I see cases every day where children are taken from parents for drug use, environmental neglect, and other things. I am so happy you have been able to turn your life around and maintain custody of your youngest child. Unfortunately, most parents don't do this and the children stay in the system. It's a sad situation all the way around. I congratulate you on your success.

  • Guest

    Yes, fool! If you had 3 kids taken away, maybe you should have worked on that before bringing another innocent life into the world!! How dare you think you are "owed" the right to raise children when myself and all the other taxpayers are paying to raise your first three while you get high?? Sickening!

  • 'Thor'

    So many of you on the left WANT the government to take care of you and others, this is what you get. The government can't do it and is not the answer. The nine worst words I will hear in this life are "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". And you trust THEM to take care of you? FOOL

    • kris

      I am tiered of taking care of all these kids something needs done in americia. these idiots are birthing future convicts. I say if you take them dont give them back and make sure they dont have more

  • Geoff

    You dont take a child just because the house is somewhat dirty. If the family was SO worried, they should have volunteered to babysit then taken the child to the hospital.

  • guest

    dcs / cps are peices of shits the kids have to die before they do anything i know a lady that has two boys one is handiecap they have been called several times cause the house is nasty no food all kinds of drugs goen on but yet nothen done oh sorry they told her to take the kids to her sisters house till she sprayed for roaches then bring them back if they r that bad u know its nasty but nothen done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest 2

    Its cases like this that make me wish we still had mandatory sterilization! If someone has even one child taken for abuse or neglect, they should never be allowed to have any more children. Children aren't an experiment you can or should have chances with. Children are a gift from God that should be cherished and protected. Once you stop believing that and start neglecting them or abusing them, then you have no right to ask or expect another chance. I get that some people turn their lives around, but our protective services shouldn't be giving them their children back to see if they can do it right, or allowing them to birth more children to see if they can do it. These people should have to really turn their lives around for more than a couple of months before they get the children back. People who sit on their rearends and expect the government and the rest of us' tax dollars to support them, should not have any rights. You want rights get off your butt, get a job and grow up and be responsible! Stop screwing up and expecting everyone else to clean up for you!

  • test

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