Driver killed after car flies off I-70 on east side

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A car flew off I-70 and onto Shadeland Avenue early Thursday, killing the driver and closing both major roadways for hours.

The accident took place around 6 a.m., when police said the car was traveling eastbound on I-70.

Traveling at a high speed, police say the 1992 Ford Probe went off the right side of the roadway, over the concrete wall of I-70 severing a utility pole, then collided with the concrete wall of the I-465 ramp ultimately landing upside down on Shadeland Avenue.

The crash killed 58-year-old Charles Wayne Barker of Indianapolis.

Live power lines posed problems for crews trying to clean up the accident.  Initially, a semi-truck driving under the overpass drove over live wires, becoming entangled.  Officers said the truck was lucky the lines did not cause an explosion.

The utility pole struck by the car also came down, but only partially.  An Indianapolis Power and Light truck held up the top half of pole, which stayed active for a time with its lines laying on I-70, until a new pole could be erected in the cement between the bridges.

Traffic on I-70 was closed for hours, as was traffic on Shadeland Avenue just north of the 21st Street intersection.

A fatal accident reconstruction expert was on scene to determine the official cause of the crash.


  • crystal webb

    I saw it first hand the car came down and hit the pole and cracked another one that was infront of it, it then came speeding across all 4 lanes and crashed into the barrier where it started to turn over. When we started to turn around to call 911 and got closer that’s when we realised the car was up side down and was smokeing. My prayers go out to the family of the driver. And Thank GOD that it wasn’t more people or cars involved.

  • danny

    I saw a car fly by at a high rate of speed, just curious if this was the car that was involved, anyone know what type of car it was? Also my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the driver….

  • crystal webb

    All I know is it was a black car. I’m not sure what kind of car it was. I was at the light at 21st and shadeland looking out my back window.

  • danny

    By looking at the pic, this looks like the car that passed me on the 65 just before the 70 split , so sad this had to happen….

  • tiffany richardson

    My prayers go to charles( the driver)…& his family..i knew him personaly…he lives directly across the street from my parents house….he was such a great person…anythng i needed done on my car..i got that….i called him my dads lil brother….R.I.P…CHARLES….you will be greatly missed….

  • Randy

    Does it really matter what kind of car it is! A guy lost his life and your wondering what kind of car. Insensitive!!!!!!!!!! Prayers go out to the family

  • Princess

    I was suppose to meet him at 1:00am and I didn't go I fell asleep. I fell like if I wouldn't went he would be alive today. I cant do nothing but cry, im going to miss u I already do 😦

      • marshawood

        sweetie DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF, it was obviously his time and nothing can change that. I don't know you but I don't want you to live with that thought. this was all GOD, not you. love a friend

  • deanna

    I drove through the power lines On 70 at 6:10am before the police arrived. It was really dark all the interstate lights were out and I couldn't see the lines until it was too late! Scared the crap out of me. I didn't know what happened until I got to work and watched the news.



  • Missey B

    RIP UNCLE CHARLIE – (ALWAYS LAUGHING AND SMILING!!! And ready to fix your car @ a drop of a dime!!!!)—May God's Strength and Love be with your family in this time of sorrow

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