Indianapolis plumbing company offers suggestions to avoid costly, frozen pipes

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INDIANAPOLIS – Area plumbing companies are getting calls about frozen pipes that can do serious damage to your home or business, but there are steps the public can take to protect themselves. AttaBoy Plumbing Company’s owner has several suggestions that could make the difference.

“When that cold air hits that copper pipe, you’ll get that ice cube that will build up in that pipe,” said Richard Behney, Atta Boy Plumbing Company founder and owner.

Behney said, most often, the problematic pipes are located inside front bathrooms or powder rooms and under kitchen sinks that sit up against an outside wall.

“When you hear that the temperatures are going to be in the single digits, you can open a cabinet underneath the lavatory or your kitchen sink. That allows the household heat to get into that wall and reach those areas,” said Behney. He also suggested letting your faucet water trickle to prevent freezing.

Behney said garage doors can also play a role. “That cold air blasts on that wall and can fast freeze those pipes like nothing so keep that garage door closed.”

If you have limited or no water coming out of a faucet, a plumber may be your better option. They often have larger heating equipment and other tools.

Another tip involves your outdoor hose. Disconnect it from the spicket in the winter.

Frozen pipe repairs can cost several hundreds, and that does not include the water damage costs.

For more information on choosing a licensed and insured plumber, there is a state website where you can check them out by name.


  • Richard Mello

    A Local plumbing in Rossmoor with a License is Made sure – If, for whatever reason, a mistake or accident comes up on the job, a accredited local plumber will have the insurance and workman's compensation in place to cover the costs. With an unlicensed plumber, you will more likely than not be responsible for covering any damage or medical bills.

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