Police: IMPD officer faces 17 charges related to attack involving wife

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INDIANAPOLIS – A veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department faces 17 charges following an incident in which police say he attacked his wife and threatened his neighbors.

John Haggard, 40, was arrested on Christmas Eve, the day after the altercation. Charges against him include multiple counts of criminal confinement, intimidation, criminal recklessness and battery.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Haggard drank alcohol at a holiday dinner. He and his wife argued about his driving on the way home and their argument escalated, with Haggard hitting his wife because she refused to leave their young son in the car. Haggard brought the baby inside, and then told his wife to leave. She refused to do so without her child.

Haggard’s wife texted a neighbor for help, and the other woman coaxed the baby away from Haggard, taking the boy and his mother to her home. Haggard later arrived at the neighboring residence, pushed his way past the door and pulled his gun, according to court documents. He demanded to see his son, but finally left after arguing with his neighbor, also an IMPD officer.

Neighbors described Haggard as “definitely intoxicated” when speaking to police about the incident.

An initial hearing is set for Friday.


  • Joe Garcia

    I knew this so called police officer was know good when he lied his AZZ off in court about a couple tickets he gave me…ITS CALLED CARMA

    • Brad

      Hey – Most of the IMPD cops have a double standard and its a low standard. 70% either have a drug or alcohol problem and who does their psyc evals ought to be examined themselves. There is still a huge accountability problem in the department and those guys cover each others AZZ real good…

  • Margie Johnson

    WOW!! I am glad the wife and son is okay, and he needs to rot in prison and become someone's bitch. I hope she files for divorce and a protective order. Karma is a cold heart bitch…

  • puc

    so many feel they are above the law…..know many of them! Sad, but in the end, he will pay. He can drink all he wants in HELL!

  • guest

    Cops are dirty, dirty, dirty!!! My brother is a Marion co. sheriff, not saying bad things about my bro but they are dirty!

    • Brad

      Gee – The Sherrifs department are the dumbest and the laziest of the bunch. Right there with the IPS cops…Thats why there's so much corruption with those guys. Low pay and even lower IQ's

  • Guest

    IMPD is a disgrace. I consider myself a "law abiding citizen." I do not drink and drive….they do. I do not abuse anyone in my family in my workplace and certainly not where i come from do you try and intimidate b/c of a badge…they do. Take that badge away and 90% of the them were picked on when they were small and hold resentment and take it out on society. It scares me. The cop that killed the guy on the motorcycle??? really? and we are supposed to call these people if we need help? No thanks…

  • guest

    If he did that to his wife….think about what he has done to people of Indianapolis because he felt like he was a big deal b/c of that gun and badge. Its so sad.

  • Duane

    Dont need a cop until AFTER I've fired my weapon at an intruder. Who knows, after seeing this, the intruder may very well be a cop.

  • Guest

    What comes around goes around. This officer stopped me twice on the same road and in the same block, wrote me a ticket and lied in court. I was a truck driver at the time , he caused me some head aches with my job. Now he has a ever going migraine .

  • Marine57

    Most of the negative comments here are unnecessary and inflammatory against our police officers. Many of them are fine individuals who are putting their lives on the line against criminals, all for the safety of we civilians, and for way too little pay. Sure, there are bad cops among all the good ones, but:
    There are bad teachers among all the good ones…
    There are bad preachers among all the good ones…
    There are bad parents among all the good ones…
    There are bad employees among all the good ones…
    There are bad politicians among all the good ones…
    There are bad salesmen among all the good ones…
    There are bad soldiers among all the good ones…
    There are bad cooks among all the good ones…
    There are bad lawyers among all the good ones…

    • Guest

      Too bad it is the opposite among police….

      There are some good ones among all the bad ones.

      The police culture does not allow honest individuals to thrive and progress.
      Instead, they are taught as rookies to look the other way as seasoned officers break the law. And intern as time goes on the adopt the illegal practices of their partners. Take a look at Lawrence, the only cop that stood up against the corruption of the entire department, was fired and harassed.

  • Irritatedbyu

    All of you that are on here posting ignorant comments and have nothing good to say at all…..SHAME ON YOU. The majority of IMPD are intelligent, law abiding citizens that come running when you people call for them and are out there day after day risking their own lives for your sorry butts. If you really feel the way you do don't call them next time you are in an accident or feel like you're in danger!!!

  • guest

    this guy is a real tough guy behind his badge and his gun……….ive dealt with him…… hes so tough .. he beats his wife. REAL TOUGH GUY THERE !!!

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