Big games for Colts and Irish equal big business in Indy

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For Notre Dame fans the time has finally come.

“We’ve been waiting so long to be in the national championship,” said Deborah Olmstead, a member of the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Indianapolis.

For Colts fans, after last season, it just felt like a long wait.

“I’m excited that we’re back in the playoffs.”

“We’re in the playoffs and we’re doing our thing, and it’s good to be in Indianapolis.”

It certainly is good to be in Indianapolis, especially if you’re a bar owner getting ready for two big road games that are sure to bring in customers.

“You can just feel the state of Indiana is in a frenzy with the Notre Dame national championship game, the Colts playoff game… every bar should be ready to rock and roll,” said Mike McFarlane, General Manager of the Stacked Pickle. “We get packed and we get crazy it’s just upbeat and excitement.”

The Stacked Pickle, located near IUPUI, will be the home of the official viewing party for the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Indianapolis. The viewing parties have been steadily growing in popularity event that has grown in popularity along with the team’s success.

“We were lucky if people would show up sometimes. Things were getting so bad (in years past),” said Olmstead said. “But now we’ve been packed at every game watch we’ve had.”

That’s certainly good for business.

“Something like this to come around, with us being such a new store, the impact is huge for our financial success,” McFarlane said.

Stores that sell memorabilia say they’re also seeing a big boost from the upcoming games, whether it’s Colts fans looking to pick up Andrew Luck merchandise before his first playoff game, or Notre Dame fans in search of something commemorating the big season.

“There’s a lot of buzz in the state right now,” said Thomas Gebauer with the Collector’s Den, located in the Circle Center Mall. “(Andrew) Luck especially has been doing very well, memorabilia-wise. Notre Dame stuff across the board is very popular. All sorts of unique things we hadn’t heard questions for, we’re getting questions for now.”

And you can expect more items to keep flying off the shelves if Luck wins or the Luck of the Irish continues.

“Notre Dame winning would probably be as big as it gets,” Gebauer said. “The Colts getting through the first round or two would also be fantastic.”

“Everybody has been wearing blue, green and gold for the last month, waiting for this game,” Olmstead said. “If we win, I don’t think I’m going to be able to take off my shirt. (laugh)”

 For more information on the viewing party for the Notre Dame Alumni Club of Indianapolis, click here.

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    No comment on this story, but Mr. Erdahl I have a possible story for you to pursue. Please investigate why Bob Donaldson holds an iPad when delivering the news most nights without ever looking at it. As an avid fisherman, I'd like to suggest he hold a different fish each night instead. A live fish is preferred because it would be flopping about and would add some excitement, but a mounted fish will work, too. A largemouth bass would be nice to see. Kind of get us ready for the season. Know what I mean?

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