Broken headlight leads to meth bust

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ANDERSON – A broken headlight led state police to arrest two women on meth charges in Madison County.

A state trooper was patrolling in Anderson Thursday night when he noticed a Nissan SUV with a headlight out. He stopped the vehicle at 53rd Street and Columbus to inform the driver about the problem. When the trooper approached the driver, he became suspicious and called for backup.

A K-9 unit arrived and walked around the vehicle. A drug-sniffing dog alerted police to the presence of drugs in the vehicle. Inside, investigators found methamphetamine and materials used to make meth.

Police arrested the driver, Alisha Madewell, 27, Anderson, charging her with manufacturing meth, possession of precursors to manufacture meth, possession of a controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance and operating a vehicle while intoxicated with endangerment. All are Class D felonies. Madewell was also charged with driving while suspended, a Class A misdemeanor.

Her passenger, Ashley Ann Baker, 25, Middletown, faces charges of possession of methamphetamine and visiting a common nuisance. Both are Class D felonies.


    • kevin

      its total bs…the only way u can be charged with that is if the police…
      (sorry pigs) are called to the same address more than once. not a traffic stop

  • G. Paschal

    Meth is getting really bad here in Madison County> Its terrible in Elwood to the point where you cant even buy sudafed at the CVS there without a prescription. I have sadly lost a few old friends to this drug either by them being in Prison now or buy them dying and ITS TIME TO STOP METH in Madison County! Alot of work needs to be done because when it comes to Meth in Madison County, Indiana…."It's a Mess!!!! (quote by M. Huggin) But instead of throwing these people in prison, lets help them, get them clean and off this monster for good! Im 6 years sober from alcohol and 4 years from opiate addiction(due to pain medication after Lung Surgery) we are all in this fight together…One Day at a Time! God help!

  • James

    If they would just legalize pot more people would be smoking it then they would be doing meth and other hard drugs that can actually hurt you.

    • Kara

      At least one of them does, she was my best friend until about 6 months ago when she fell off the face of the earth. And her two beautiful baby boys are safe in foster care. Shes not a bad person, has just made some very bad decisions. Still love her to death and wish her the best.

  • Kitty

    Thanks FOX59 for turning OFF comments on the school prayer idiocy. The comments were civil, but must not match the Censor's Worldview, as they were mostly against forcing kids into a state religion. This is ridiculous. You didn't like the way opinions were stacking up, so you cancel the debate? If ya'all listened to honest opinion, you mught not have been so dumbfounded when Romney lost.
    Sorry for the off topic rant, forum. Carry on.

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