Fans showed their support for the Colts, Friday, before the first playoff game

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On Friday afternoon, fans attended a pep rally at the Circle Centre Mall. It started at noon and lasted an hour.

“I’m excited about us going to the playoffs. I think, if we play with the intensity we did against the Texans, it’s doable,” Paul Diebold said.

The Colts play against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

“I’m scared, but I’ll be watching and I think they can do it,” Beth Stewart said.

Another fan said the team has the talent to continue winning.

“I just want to let the Colts know (that) we (are) behind you guys and wish you luck. Do what you gotta do and bring that win back home to us,” David Woods said.

Many fans expressed how happy they were Andrew Luck became their leader.

“It’s a huge turnaround and we all had our doubts about Andrew Luck, but he keeps improving,” Diebold said.

Some fans said they did not expect the team to make it this far, during Luck’s first season.

“When you get behind a young guy like him and coming from Peyton…it’s really hard.  But, this young man has really picked up the momentum here in the city,” Woods said.

Fans are impressed with Luck. The website said Luck’s jersey is the 6th best-selling NFL jersey. Robert Griffin III’s jersey is number one. Peyton Manning is at number two. This data was collected from April 1 to Nov. 27.

“I think they had an impressive season. All the odds were stacked against them this year. I think this team is going to be good for a while now and (fans should) really just fall in love with this team. I really enjoy watching them play. They fight hard every weekend and that’s all you can ask for,” Colts Alumnus Gary Brackett said.

Fans said they believed the team played with more heart when they became Chuck Strong and Colts Strong.
“I think nothing motivates people like a personal situation that you know you’re going to fight for your buddies,” Diebold said.

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