Foreign exchange student could face deportation in rape case

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A 17-year-old foreign exchange student accused of raping an 11-year-old girl could face deportation if convicted of the charges against him.

According to the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office, Victor M. Perez, 17, would have to serve out his sentence before going to immigration court. Perez, a non-citizen from Guatemala, is charged as an adult in connection with the rape of an 11-year-old girl. Police arrested him on Dec. 7 at Anderson High School.

According to investigators, Perez forced himself onto the girl in September while they were watching a DVD movie in his bedroom.

The girl’s mother confronted Perez after noticing a dramatic change in her daughter’s behavior, court documents said. The girl provided her mother and investigators with details of the encounter.

According to prosecutors, Perez will likely go to immigration court in Chicago—regardless of the outcome of his trial, which is set for April.


  • meatplow

    why'd mom let her 11 year old hang out with a 17 year old? cut off his balls then deport him, and then deport the mom for being stupid

  • Not gonna judge

    It was probably her foreign exchange student…although I don't know why they would be watching the movie in his bedroom…how sad for the little girl!

  • ClanSmokeJaguar

    >Perez forced himself onto the girl in September while they were watching a DVD movie in his bedroom

    My bullsheet detector is going off over this.

    The original story claimed the girl went to the boy's room in the wee hours to hang out and watch movies.


    Why was she sneaking about and going to his room in that hour of the day to watch movies and eat popcorn?

    I smell something and it smells like bovine scat!

    • Guest

      Really?? Because shes 11!! Did you not sneak and watch and eat popcorn without your parents knowing when you were that age?? Did you expect to get raped while sneaking to watch a movie??? Think before you speak and judge!!

  • Guest

    ClanSmokeJaguar… you're REALLY GOING TO TRY PUT THE BLAME OR RESPONSIBILITY ON THE 11 YR OLD GIRL????? Really??? I'd like to deport you and whoever else gave your comment a thumbs up.

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