Indianapolis Businesses and Residents Receive “Friendly reminder” from city about clearing sidewalks.

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A week after record snow fall here in Indianapolis, many sidewalks in the city are still covered with snow and ice.

‪Along Keystone Avenue near 62nd Street, many portions of sidewalks are covered and some are blocked with mounds of snow.

‪Tina Wood uses these sidewalks to get to work.
She says the excess snow is creating dangerous conditions and she’s even had to walk on the street to get around the snow and ice.

“As we get older, we don’t bounce, we break. I have to walk in the street and climb over snow banks. It’s just ridiculous,” said Wood.

‪According to city code, homeowners and business are responsible for clearing their own sidewalks and access ramps.

‪Wood says many of them are ignoring the law– and she even called the Mayor’s Action Committee for help.

“If a person was out in an electric wheelchair they would have to go down the street,” said Wood.

‪Code Enforcement was out along Keystone Friday passing out friendly reminders to businesses and residents about clearing sidewalks.
‪There’s no word if or ‪when the city will enforce the code.
‪Businesses and residents could be fine $50 if their sidewalks are not cleared.


  • wanda

    In our neighborhood people PARK on the sidewalk , I can't walk down the sidewalk , much less a person in a wheelchair , what can be done about this ????

  • Citizen

    While demanding the entire city to shovel it's walk is noble it reeks of another frivolous law. Out dated at best. If the argument is for school kids and postal and utility workers ( which was the main concern when this law was written ) none of them use a sidewalk on a clear warm day. Kids walk down the middle of streets and postal carriers wear paths thru yards. They also would rather walk thru a foot of snow than use a cleared sidewalk.

  • MeatPlow

    we need more sidewalk nazi's. Wo bist zein paperz? Grabbin eine shovel du sneehund
    (yeah, i suck at german)

  • Keke

    You would think the police officers would know the law and abide by it but no he is to lazy to do it Check out 7208 Sycamore Run Drive 46237

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